Thursday, September 1, 2011

Young Ty

Having a very active young male as your oldest child can sometimes prove to be a…. um….. challenge to mom who is an only child and tends to like…. quiet…..peace…

go-cart 1

I’ve read all the books (really…. and there are a TON!) claiming the amazing academic success of homeschooled students, the simple, peaceful lifestyles while the children in the home work together, the outstanding delicacies made by the 4-year-old as soon as her mom ground her fresh flour (yes, that one I do—the flour part anyway), and, well….

go-cart 7

BaHAhahahahah!!!  Let me tell ya~ in our home, I could write my own book, and it would probably tell just a bit of a different story Smile.  Yes- this mom is a bit of a worrywart, constantly fearing missing a huge gap in education.  And at times, our house is anything EXCEPT PEACEful.  But…

go-cart 6

On the more difficult days, I always think of my guy, Mr. Ty Pennington.  (And seriously WHERE is that guy when you need him??)   He was a little ‘hyper’ as a child, right?  Even claiming the ADHD thing… 

go-cart 10

And look how his life turned out!  So, I’m thinking that my eldest isn’t too much unlike him and it gives me hope Smile  Just look at those delegating taskmaster skills-  he doesn’t even need a bull horn because his voice carries well enough (TRUST me!).

go-cart 11

This go-cart was his ENTIRE idea- planned, cut parts with power tools (ugh!), and assembled all himself.  (With a few squabbling sibling’s and a puppy’s help.) 

go-cart 9

But, the rewards were great!

go-cart 8

And this mama’s proud!

go-cart 12

go-cart 2

I did give the disclaimer that any ER visit co-pays would come out of allowance, thus reducing Lickity Split trips.  I think they heard me.


Just wait til you see his doghouse!  Look-out Ty, I think you may have met your match?! Smile