Friday, March 30, 2007

It's here...

Homeschooling 101
Subject:Science Experiment/Pet Care 101 Yes-- the praying mantis egg arrived today~ on with raising a pet from scratch-- the children learned how to raise an egg today~ interesting little thing. I'll keep pictures posted with it's progress. (Mommy has to do some reading because I have no idea how long it takes to hatch this was Daddy's project today- have to get up to speed:)

The green thing is the cage, so to speak. The egg hangs from a stick, attatched with string.
PS-- Mark is sure he saw buds on the Japanese Maple tree today-- I refused to look closely, but am afraid he could be right-- I'll have to take a picture tomorrow and let you decide. (Secretly I hope there are- I did enjoy that tree-- shhhhh!--what is it about having to be right??? Ha Ha!)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

testing done and early summer break- 'sorta'

Just finished Elisha and Lydia's year-end school tests-- ahhhhhhh!! What a relief! (I know, I know-- it's the parents-- OK, the Mom's that get all worked up).
While we don't have the normal school pace now, we will still be doing things when we are home- and throughout the summer. That helps the children to not forget everything during a long 3 month break. (Unless of course it's just WAY too nice outside for any concentration!) The beauty of homeschool! Can't wait to open up the new books-- neither can Elisha-- Ha Ha!!
Still no praying mantis eggs or flightless fruit flies-- maybe that's a blessing in disguise~

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

just what DOES a praying mantis eat?

As we are awaiting the arrival of our praying mantis eggs- the 'brilliant' idea came that- hey, you have to feed those things something. (How's that for planning ahead?) And- what would that be? Turns out they eat aphids, small flies and spiders. OK- and where do we get all of those? We now have an order from a supply company to receive 'flight-free' fruit flies- they should arrive in a day or two- apparently you have to feed the egg sack before it hatches. I have no idea what we'll feed this thing when it hatches- maybe we should get a fish?? Maybe we can feed it ladybugs- we are in no short supply there, and it's better than Jacob eating them! I have a feeling this little pet could get quite expensive if we have to keep buying bugs to feed it--- stay tuned! PS-- sure enough-- I made it rain- all windows are nicely spotted. Oh well- they were great-looking for a day :)! Hey Lauri-- tell my Mom she needs to have a picture on her page!!!! You can relate- isn't it nice that you have your own picture now??- encourage her!!!

She can ride! and expert tree opinion

Lydia finally figured out how to ride her big-girl 2-wheeled bike with no training wheels! After trying for weeks with big elephant tears of frustration- she got it! They grow so fast don't they!!
A very trusted tree expert from Valley Tree Service stopped by yesterday to look at possibly cutting down some trees in the back yard, and while he was here, I took the opportunity to ask him his most-valued opinion of the front-yard, whacked-off tree---- his expert opinion is that the tree is dead, but it does make some nice abstract yard art. Not the kind I had in mind! ;)
PS-- the windows are finally all clean-- I just guaranteed that it will absolutely rain today!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Pet Praying Mantis

After wanting a pet for quite some time, Elisha has been trying to keep 'pet' ladybugs found throughout the house in a box with cut grass. Didn't work too well (although somehow everywhere I look upstairs there is a ladybug- maybe they mysteriously multiplied in that box)~ and being very allergic to cats, not ready for a dog yet, not too fond of hamsters and such, and the 'ooh and ahh' of a fish not lasting long enough to waste the water for the bowl, Mark came up with a pet Praying Mantis idea. He saw a kit at the Science Center, so ordered it from where else--- EBay. The kids have been anticipating the arrival for days now- and it finally came. We ordered the eggs and they should arrive in a few days. If it all works out, the kids will be able to watch their own mantis hatch from the start- pretty neat school project- I'll keep ya posted. Guess it's a step up from an ant farm?? :)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dead or Alive?

There is an on-going debate in our house- is this tree dead or alive? Will it ever come back to life?
Against the sound advice of our great neighbor Judy~ last fall, Mark 'overzealously' pruned (that's what he called it- truthfully he whacked the living daylights out of the poor thing!) the wild-looking Japanese Maple in front of our house. I'm not thinking it's coming back~ Mark and his Dad say "Oh you of little faith- it's still alive!" They have this habit of telling me things just to 'shut' me up- LOL! What do you think???? Stay tuned- we shall see--- (I have a feeling you'll be seeing the same picture all summer- the thing is dead I'm telling you:)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wild Hog Ride and Robbers

Ok-- have to stay on the bike topic for at least one more blog:) PapPap put his first 80 miles on the bike today- after polishing it up (gets pretty dirty real quick ya know!), he's down in the garage oohhhing and ahhhing (a hem.......technically learning and 'studying' all of the new features)-- we're wondering if he'll sleep down there tonight-LOL! We're really happy for him! On a funny note: I allowed the children to watch a movie this afternoon, and upon entering the living room, found it to be a HUGE mess-- cushions everywhere, toys everywhere, and the quite large stool up on it's side, etc, etc! I gathered the eldest three in a line and asked who was responsible-- of course no one would fess up and after quite some time, Elizabeth says: "Mommy, it had to be robbers- that's why I don't like those robbers!" And there you have it. Needless to say, no one was in trouble :) Have a great weekend all!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Wild Hog Bartlett

Was a very special day for PapPap Bartlett! He's the proud new owner of a brand new 2007 GoldWing! Mark and I headed out for the night to celebrate by watching Wild Hogs at the movies, but it was sold out, so we had to settle for Premonition- decent movie- dropped the F bomb once (why is that really necessary???), kind of a slow start, but very unpredictable ending! Picture time for proud PapPap (and family;)~

PapPap, Let's GO!!

Tony,- don't get any bright ideas- the little 4 wheeler is enough- ha ha!

Mark-- don't get too comfy on that!! ;)

Maybe when you're 30 girls:) !

Thursday, March 22, 2007


As I was out enjoying the warmer weather- (it's frizzy hair season- the only downfall of spring....oh, and late night spring storms- not my favorite!), I was pondering why I had been a bit perturbed most of the day- and it finally came to me.
Last night, I stumbled upon the action of an old 'acquaintance', and while proclaiming that what I found didn't bother me, and joking about what I could do to 'stir' things up, I realized today that deep down it really did bother me. What I saw was just plain wrong (in MY eyes), and while it didn't really affect me directly, it was hurtful to my family.
The ways to 'stir' things up (I've been told I can be a bit feisty at times~and boy did I have some good ideas!) and the judgements I had made (I truly don't know the acquaintance's heart, just what my eyes saw) were actually poisoning my day. After facing what my wrong thoughts had done to my day, and honestly letting them go- the 'freedom' was undescribable! It is SOOO good to know that ONLY the good Lord can truly know a person's heart, and if you take care of what You, Yourself, should be doing and thinking, it really doesn't matter what others do, or do to you. Freedom in spirit is awesome!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Best Wishes!!!!!

Spring fever has hit the house (AGAIN:)! Concentration has flown out the windows- which still need to be washed-- maybe this week???? or not...
Just want to send WARM WISHES to our China-girl adopting friends heading half-way around the world tomorrow!! We wish you the best-- can't wait to see pictures (YES of you guys too- NOT just the baby;) Out thoughts are with you!!! Happy early birthday Josh!
Until tomorrow~ (or late tonight if anything blog-worthy happens) enjoy the weather!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Just for the interest of friends across the country-- IT"S SUNNY!!!! NOT 1 CLOUD IN THE SKY!! Still chilly- but we're on the up! No more time to 'blog'- HAVE to get some school planning done- as Elisha and Lydia, now champion sword fighters with their award-winning swords made of cardboard, run circles around me :)

Monday, March 19, 2007


And,'s raining ice pellets once again here.............. Really, I'm not complaining,,,,,,,,honestly!!!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

early packing

OK-- WHO packs 59 days before a Disney trip?? Not me--- really :) Seriously though... if you were me you would have to lay all the children's clothes in a suitcase to determine what needs to still be purchased- therefore being thoroughly prepared, and not to forget anything of extreme importance, and you need to make sure you have enough room for every possible scenario that may occur-- right?!? And, since no adult clothes were placed in the suitcase... yet,....technically that isn't packing.... :)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

KISS and Stainless Steel

Attended a homeschool conference today and it got me thinking-- do I really need 23 ways and different 'this is the best curriculum' to teach my children to add 1 + 1? Or maybe could I just hold up their finger and add another finger to it to make 2?
Will my children and family ever look like a prim and proper family, each dressed to the 'tee' and harmoniously playing beautiful music together as a witness to all- HA! Give my children the mud hole and let them at it! Have I failed- No---
Anyway- you get the point-- my 'deep thought' or 'thoughts' for the week are: drum roll please: "There really isn't a 'One Size Fits All' way to raise your children", "There is no one right way to teach your children- what works for others may not for you", "There are many different paths that lead to the same place- some just wind around the bends a bit more," "You can't compare your children to others- some like beautiful music, some like mud" and
"KISS! Keep it simple, stupid!" ~Remember what's really important in life~ family, old friends, new friends, and a good cup of coffee -or chai tea:)
Now that you've seen my 'simple' way of thinking today- let's relate that to stainless steel appliances:
You CAN NOT 'simply' cleen stainless steel with a damp towel! Not that anyone in the house would try that! Not that any 'responsible' adult would have the 'nerve' to do that- ha, ha! (Remember that Mom was at a homeschool conference all day- and PapPap was out playing with the guys!- who could that leave??) Now, why, you ask, was the refridgerator all wet anyway????? Thank goodness for the children who CAN"T wait to tell you that someone (again -a mature, responsible, adult) had all the little ones line up so he could spray them with the kitchen sink sprayer. Hmmmmm.... I wonder where all of the spots on the wall and cabinets came from??? Give those little ones a big KISS tonight!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Think Spring!

Think Spring! (OK-maybe I'm trying to convince myself:)

Big Baby

OK-- received our 'Disney Parks Planner DVD' last week and watched it with the children last night--- Came to the conclusion that Mom is just a big baby-- really-- who cries from excitement just watching a planning DVD?? Who says these vacations are for the kids anyway???
Happy St. Patrick's Day weekend! Hope it's warmer and sunnier where you are- I won't waste the time posting yet another picture of the weather here- just check the previous weeks' blog entries on my 'Jen's Space link' for weather pictures and "ditto!"

Thursday, March 15, 2007

She finally has a face!! :)

After a wonderful visit with family from across the country- Lauri FINALLY has a 'face'- ha ha!!!! I wouldn't let her leave without a blog picture! Isn't she beautiful!!! Love you Lauri! Welcome home!
We're all very thankful that even with full flights in less than desirable weather conditions, they are safely airborne! But- our house is WAY too quiet and a bit sad-- here's to great friends and family! What would life be without them?!?!! Doesn't help the dreariness here when we are looking at flooding conditions, then click on their weather with bright sunshines across the week and lows only in the 50's--- ahhhhhhh-- won't be long here, right?!?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Thank you USAirways

Ahhh........ after a sleepless night of worrying about our family making 3 connections, they made it!!!! Have to love stand-by travel- everything comes with a price, that's for sure~ you have to make great sacrafices for reduced airfare travel, but thankfully it all worked out! We'll see what happens when they have to go home. (I am, however, threatening to hold them hostage indefinitely:) Elizabeth, Madison, Lydia, and Elisha

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Who needs snow anyway?

Today the children decided they wanted to go sled-riding, so they tried it- in the mud. It didn't work very well, and Elisha was a little upset-- maybe if it was a little muddier? :)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

1st Karate Tournament

The Bartlett Family participated in their first inner-school karate tournament today. Elisha won a 2nd place silver trophy for sparring and a 2nd place silver medal for kata. Daddy won gold in both sparring and kata (mind you there were only 3 students in his group, but he still did really well!). Mommy finished the tournament (very reluctantly :)) with a 3rd place in kata and 4th place in sparring (out of only 5)- but hey, it takes guts just to compete- right??!?

Friday, March 9, 2007

Hard work and good attitudes pay off!

Elisha has been working for weeks on his attitude, and finally his hard work paid off! He's been wanting a bow and arrow for quite some time, so we made him a deal. Isn't it funny how your early parental thinking can change~ In Elisha's younger years our thoughts were "Children don't need rewards- they need to just do their work because it's the right thing for them to do~" We've come to realize that our home has been much more full of life and enjoyment, and the bonds with our children have been strengthened when we've worked with them toward goals with fun rewards along the way, instead of a "just do this because I said so." What is life, but learning from your past mistakes?

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

New Little Dragon Belts

Congratulations Little Dragons Lydia and Elizabeth. Lydia received her Little Dragon Blue Belt tonight, and Elizabeth received her Little Dragon Orange Belt - She's quite the karate girl- LOL!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Exciting Times

Hey all! Things are picking up here, and although we're in the midst of another artic blast >:P, the fever of spring and activities is in the air! Mark's cousin should be in from Texas this weekend/next week- (USAirways willing ) and we can't wait!!!!! Wedding only 5 1/2 weeks away, Disney a few weeks after that, school winding down for the year, summer activites already filling up, our friends traveling to pick up their newly adopted baby, PapPap possibly becoming a biker dude -LOL!, and a possible new addition- house addition that is....Wow------ lots happening! We've been working on house drawings and I'm so excited about them- if it all works out, it would be the dream-house of a lifetime for me! I'll keep you posted-- stay warm!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Cinderella's Rags

After watching Lydia coming down the stairs today, I observed she was looking a bit like the real beginnings of Cinderella- a bit ragged! I think it's time for a new Cinderella dress~ her's is a bit 'ripped to shreds:)'

Sunday, March 4, 2007

I won~ PapPap gave in!!

Yes-- I won- PapPap gave in and we had a take-out dinner!!! Thanks PapPap- it wasn't as easy to get him to cave as he might lead you to believe:) PS-- had a really fun time with Gma Beatty and Mr. Tony last night- the wedding dresses are hemmed, and final fittings totally complete- we're all set- thanks EBay and a great seamstress/alteration Grandma! 6 weeks from yesterday to go~

Sunday Outing and a new favorite store!!

We were heading to visit a church this morning, but poor Mark had to double after a midnight-- so, off Elisha and I went for a day outing! Up at the crack of dawn and out to breakfast- the Golden Corral sure puts on a yummy Sunday buffet-- stick to your ribs, heart-attack in a bowl- creamy hash, old-country gravy, eggs-- I could go all night. To make up for the unhealthy foods, we had to head in to the East End CO-OP-- :). The next stop-- my new FAVORITE STORE!!! TRADER JOES!!! They have the deals of a lifetime--it was like shopping at the Whole Foods store for 1/2 price - a whole cart of food for $50-- that would have been $150 at Whole Foods!!! What neat little goodies- Elisha says we need to keep it our little secret- he loved the overhead bridges and incline model in the corner. They even gave me a bouquet of flowers (pictured above) for my first-time shopping trip there-- if I would have been a good little blogger, I would have had my digital camera with me to take a picture of the nice cashier who gave them to me~ now if I had a camera phone that problem would be solved~ oh, the ideas that just come to me- ha, ha!!!
After all of our wonderful savings, next stop the Disney Store, and what a controlled mother I was! Only spent $18-- just about came out with 2 bathing suits, 2 princess nightgowns, flip-flops, and the matching princess sandals and dresses-the girls need to get ready for their Disney vacation (73 days away), right?? I was very proud of myself- Mark and I talked of making a rule that we shouldn't allow the little ones in any gift-shops at Disney World- maybe I shouldn't allow myself in them :)!
OK~ we had to totally ruin all savings from Trader Joes by stopping at Cold Stone Creamery- really-- their ice cream is NOT $7.53 worth for two little cones. It's good, but not that good! Soooo glad we saved some money earlier in the morning:)
Ahhhh-- and for the rest of the night--- bribing PapPap for a dinner out- will he cave in???? I'll let ya know tomorrow. Right now I'm being accused of blogging instead of feeding the poor, hungry children- ok, just a little true:) Maybe the more BRILLIANT:) ideas I have for the possible house- addition blueprints he's working on, the better chance I'll have~ off to working my magic! Have a great Sunday evening!! The only thing that could be better here, would be to have Daddy at home tonight- see ya tomorrow morning Daddy!

Friday, March 2, 2007


Welcome to JuJu's Place Blog! Well- here I am-- I have been quoted as saying blogs were a ridiculous waste and anyone who did that had ENTIRELY TOO much free time! Why in the world would anyone even WANT to do that???? ...... and here I sit writing! Never say never, right?!?!?!? Please bear with me as I get this site up and running and fun to look at! Join our world viewed with 4 little ones (and a PapPap!!-- all we need is a dog!)! Who knows what will happen next!! Come back and visit soon- this page is under construction~ Please visit previous posts on my 'first' blog adventure at: