Sunday, March 21, 2010

What will $12 buy you?

What are the results of $12, quiet little chirps in the corner of a store, a little girl’s puppy-dog eyes, and a soft-hearted Dad?

2 ducks1

Introducing Lightning, Thunder, Little Ben, and Little Katie…

Lydia and ducks

You can imagine what our first days of spring were like this weekend…  

MANY more pictures to follow- as soon as the basement gets cleaned up… suppose it could be worse…  right?!?

Happy Spring!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Most of my readers know that I was hoping to accompany Mark on a trip to London over the weekend.  And most of you know that didn’t work out.  It turned out to be a weekend spent waiting for flights and hoping, but not knowing, when a return to home-sweet-home would be.  Other than missing my family terribly, I didn’t mind though.  (As long as I found reasonable gate agents- is that really too much to ask??  Some of you really need to consider a career change!)  

Why?  Travel is just in my blood.  Somehow, someday, I have to figure out the means to either profit monetarily from it, or the means to pay for more of it.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated~  resort critic… food critic… hotel critic…………..  :)

I just read this article on one of the travel blogs I follow (, that couldn’t describe me any better-  It’s the exact same thoughts I have almost all of the time, and never put into words.  Thank you for making me realize I’m not alone, while most people think I’m crazy :) 

Here’s ME:

Look out London-- (or Paris or Rome or Madrid….) next year, you’re mine!

Friday, March 5, 2010

toothless wonders

There’s nothing like the look and sounds of a little one with 2 less teeth and 3 more ready to depart any day.  It’s even more funny when she talks like an 80 year old who’s lost their teeth.  And if any of you know Elizabeth, you can imagine the faces we get when we remind her of the funny sounds coming from her mouth :)

eliz no teeth

It’s the little milestones that bring so much joy :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

cabin fever project

If you’re in need of a dreary-day project—try eraser painting--- simply dip the un-chewed eraser (not that MY children would EVER do that!!) into paint and allow your creative mind to take over~



Voila! ~


Spring is coming!! We’ve been hearing birds!! Real live chirping—yay!!!