Friday, December 10, 2010


During crazy times, there’s nothing like forgetting the worries of the world and making Christmas memories with the family~

what better way than with a few reindeer antlers and Charlie Brown pieces to color???

xmas fun 4

Mark LOVES me for this!  (Or should I say loves you, Karen, for the antler idea—hee hee!)

xmas fun 3

How many men could be ‘man’ enough to let their wife talk them into this??? 

That Charlie Brown is a TRUE work-of-art!

xmas fun2

It’s amazing what a few cookies, markers, and antlers can do to remind you of what’s important~

xmas fun1


xmas fun



Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tis the Season for…


Is the Christmas season already ‘stressing’ you out?  Take a break to refresh yourself~  The folks at one of my favorite travel blogs, TripBase, have comprised a list of

101 Ways to Be Happy!

Maybe you’ll find something to make you smileBe right back!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Less than 50 days…

This is probably not something you want to hear, but facts are facts.  Like it or not, you have less than 50 days to get ready for the craziness~  that is, if you celebrate Christmas the way the world tells you you must.  In our family, we’ve experienced all extremes of celebration- from doing basically ‘nothing’ because it “didn’t edify the ‘real’ reason of the season”, to over-indulgence, and quite frankly, hellacious days of child-spoiling.  I’ll never forget the year the little ones had 4 straight days of WAY too many presents, sugar, tantrums, and TEARS.  But that’s another blog post... 

Now that we’ve gone from every end of the spectrum, we’re at a time of our lives when we just want to SIMPLIFY.  Do the children REALLY need 100 gifts?  Or, would they rather spend the entire season WITH you embracing each sight and sound in a peaceful, child-like-wonder setting?  As a homeschooling family (with their DEFINITE share of worries, struggles, and getting REAL about things), one of the biggest advantages is the ability to fit education within OUR family’s timetables.  Because we do a little school throughout the year, including summer, we  can relax the schedule a bit throughout the Holiday’s to take time for the things that matter.   (Disclaimer:  YES, education matters.  For those who aren’t following my heart, I’m talking about the education of LIFE here.)   This year, we intend to ENJOY, SHARE, and EMBRACE life~  to find the wonder in our children’s eyes as we share in new traditions~  simply, warmly- together

(I hope, anyway Smile- we’ll keep ya posted)

I came across this site a while ago from a local homeschooling group.  Any tool and resource you may need for the season can be found here, in  ~Organized Christmas~ .  However you choose to celebrate in your family, maybe this site can help to make your Christmas season a little less ‘stressful’. 

Now someday… this may be a way to totally simplify~ is there a more simple way than spending Christmas in the sun?  Yes, we’re tempted, but somehow it just wouldn’t seem the same.  (Really, Mark!)  Now as for January….     February…….      Mar………….     that would be a WHOLE different story.  Or blog post...

Merry Christmas from the Caribbean

Whatever way you choose to celebrate, may you find joy and peace!  Merry Christmas!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

gunk and teamwork

This is the sight of progress to come~ (I was quite impressed that Elisha snapped this photo- must be his eye for construction Smile)

construction 4

And this is THE best sight ever—the eye-sore shed with human wheels as it EXITS!  I find it funny that here in our small town, you can place an item such as this in your driveway with a ‘for sale’ sign, and have it sold 2 days later.  NO complaints here!

constrcution 2

A bit of teamwork~

contsruction 3

A little pizza to keep ya going~

construction 1

And a little reminder that you have to go through the GUNK before you can make any progress!

construction 5

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our blog hiatus is now over~

It’s clear we live in a rat-race society and for whatever reason, we seem to have chosen that lifestyle in our home- for now anyway.  Routine and normalcy seems to be a fleeting thought these days.  I haven’t posted anything because it seems to be the same old thing around here- house, house, house.  Which for you guys, probably translates to boring, boring, boring.  I even contemplated a final post stating ‘this blog has been fun but is now done’.   After finding a few moments (FINALLY) to reflect, I realized that while it seems like the same old thing, progress really has been made~  and for our few faithful family-members and friends, you might still like to be updated.  And so then, here we are, back again Smile

During our brief intermission of the Hollywood lifestyle (oh the things your friends can get you into~ and OH how I wish I could tell you all about the big movie filming in this small town, but because I signed my life away, can’t~) here’s what has been going on~ 

The blessings of another full year of life~


And housework~  so much progress!!!

PA280133I’ll post many more pictures of the house later, but for now this one is THE proof.  My actions have been justified!  For all of you who think I’m just a neat-freak and a compulsive cleaner because I have to dust each and every day, and for all of you who think duct-cleaning companies are a scam--- THIS is what could be circulating in your house—this is the unedited, untouched, exactly as-is gunk inside our duct work.  I’d say that after today’s furnace move and clean air-returns, we can declare a great victory to perpetual runny-morning noses!PA280128

On to the men’s ‘day-cave’--- Isn’t it AMAZING that this has been finished for less then 2 weeks, and there is no room for a vehicle???PA280134

Now that I’ve enticed you with the thrilling suspense of coming back to see what else has been going on around here, I’m going to leave ya hanging~  you can hardly wait, right?! Smile

Monday, September 13, 2010


I’m not one to create waves or become politically involved in issues.  BUT- I know what this country stands for and the price paid to obtain our freedoms.  Coming from a family where each senior father has fought in, and made great sacrifice defending this country, I know we are living in a generation where sadly, our freedom and those who fought for it are taken for granted.  

The Spirit of America Show is a wonderful way to show, teach, and allow you and your children to experience what made this country great.

You can check their website for shows coming near you, and even watch live steams of performances.  Best of all- it’s free!

spirit4 spirit5 spirit7 spirit8 spirit9 spirit10 spirit11 If you’ve never seen the US Army Drill Team- amazing!spirit13 spirit14

As our high school day's’ marching band would chant~ “Yes, yes, yes we do- we’ve got spirit, how ‘bout you???”

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Somehow…Airshow12 I’ll find a way…airshow11To soar like the eagles~Airshow3 But until then, there’s no better place to dream than an up-close, heart-stopping, ear-shattering, bring-a-tear-to-your-eye, lump-in-your-throat, view~Airshow4    Can’t forget a little treat~airshow8 Some ooh’s and ahh’s~airshow9Airshow7Woosh!  Can you feel the ground rumbling?Airshow5airshow6Follow your dreams- for without them, man will perish~airshow2 And if by chance anyone has a once-in-a-lifetime connection for a gut-wrenching, make-ya-puke JET experience, send me an email :) 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

a little closer

While it’s not the prettiest in roofing history, it will serve it’s purpose and allow us to be just another step closer to the end goal~ garageroof1 Which is why a commemorative flower must be placed in the center~ a symbol of finished projects, a symbol of wonderful friends (THANK YOU AGAIN JEFF!!!), a symbol a humor, a symbol of the awesome completed deck to come… WAY down the road :), and a symbol of a female touch.garageroof2

I think Mark may see it as something else--- a symbol of his wife’s crazy ideas… (which is really a politically-blog-correct way of saying it’s getting deep in here… )

Off to complete the list of to-do’s before the (gasp!) weather breaks!

Friday, August 13, 2010

little fisherman

jacobs fish

Now, you can’t believe all pictures because this fish really wasn’t as big as it looks.  But, can you guess who loves fishing the most in this family?  This little guy thought he caught a shark. :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

some old fashioned garage raising

garage1 Sometimes your projects overwhelm you with no end in sight~garage2 That’s the time you appreciate the true goodness of friends all the more~garage3 For the productive weekend that couldn’t have been accomplished without you~garage4 We are ever grateful!garage5 garage6 garage7 A job well done! And many hearts filled with gratitude!garage8 garage9 Thank you Jeff!!!boating1