Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spread your wings~

To everything there is a season.  And to ducks, there is a season to fly~

Ducks leaving They started so small,2 ducks

but after swimming in the puddles during yesterday’s rainstorm and the love of laying on our welcome mat to make a BIG mess, we realized it was time~ducks leaving 3Out into the wild to be FREE!  Thank you Donna!  Welcome home little ducklings :)ducks leaving 2

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last ones~

These are the few remnants of Washington, D.C. pictures~ just in time before BEACH pictures- yay!!DC 3

Jefferson 1

Ok guys—never again will I complain about the ever-present scaffolding surrounding our house.  It could be a lot worse :)DC 18DC 15

A trip to Washington just isn’t complete without a visit here~DC 19       Bring on the next trip!  We’re ready!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

For larger families…

who may need some encouragement~

P4220043 This book is for you.  It’s an excellent read for the ‘how-to’s’ of raising your ‘normal’ family in a world where more than 2 children is not-so-normal. :)  You’ll find great ideas for making the logistics of daily life work~

PS Mom--- don’t worry, there isn’t another one on the way :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Botanical Gardens~

Just a few picts from the beautiful United States Botanical Gardens~Botanical Gardens 20

Think we need a colorful creature like this in our back yard.  The ducks are just a bit too bland these days :)Botanical Gardens 13

Botancial Gardens 11

Every woman NEEDS one of these in her backyard- her very own cocoa plant :)Botanical Gardens 2Botanical Garden 16Botanical Gardens 3

I must have my gardener sculpt me one of these- as long as the gardener’s name ISN’T MARK!   Love you :)  Many of you can only imagine what the poor soul of the plant would end up looking like…Botanical Gardens 4Botanical Gardens 8Botanical Gardens 10Botanical Gardens 14Botanical Gardens 19Botanical Gardens 18Happy warm spring to you!          

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An old post office~

If you have visited all of the ‘usual’ attractions in Washington, D.C., and you’re looking for something just a bit different- check out The Old Post Office Pavilion~

Walking down the street, it towers above like an old cathedral.

Old Post Office 12

Old Post Office 11

Inside, it’s bright, airy, and BIG-  full of skylights, food eateries, shops and entertainment.  Did I mention Ben and Jerry’s?  I believe I saw an advertisement for $3/3 scoops during the hours of 4pm-6pm nightly.  Pretty awesome deal for B & J- just in case you needed to know :)Old Post Office 9

Old Post Office 10

If waiting in line for the Washington Monument’s view of the city doesn’t excite you, you can ride 315 feet to the top of the Pavilion Clock Tower for 360 degree views of the city~ take a jacket if it’s windy!Old Post Office 8Old Post Office 7

Breathtaking!Old Post Office 6Old Post Office 4Old Post Office 3

Just in case my sweet husband is reading… see those really neat roof-top gardens….  those would be SWELL on our deck—right?!?  Minus any little duckletts that happen to still be waddling around, of course :)Old Post Office 2Old Post Office 1          Some many adventures, so little time  (and money) !!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

For ONE cupcake??

When we arrived to DC, we discovered an inviting sign near our METRO stop.  If you know me, you’ll understand how very enticing this was…

Cupcake 1 And of course, we had to check it out.  Quite simply, we found just what the sign stated…

Cupcake 2

And we indulged.  Now—these were yummy-looking little treats that we did have the choice to purchase.  But— at $3 EACH, they weren’t quite that yummy.  The most intriguing part---  the place was packed!  The price for 1 dozen? $33.  No kidding!Cupcake 3  And—  while we were gobbling down every last expensive crumb, someone was placing an order for 3 dozen.  Yes, I’m from a small town and may be a bit naive, but can you imagine spending $100 on your next party for… CUPCAKES???  Is there something I’m missing?  Anyone want to go into business…  :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Touch of Southwest in the East

It’s always special to make memories with ones you love~ this past week was no exception~American Indian 2

With a quick jaunt to Washington, D.C., new treasures were waiting at every block.  This has probably been here for a few years, but it was the first we’ve discovered it.  The National Museum of the American Indian would make you think you were in the heart of the Southwest. 

American Indian 4Botanical Gardens 17If I can’t make it to Arizona, this view is the next best thing :)  American Indian 3

American Indian Museum 1

Pictures of more treasures coming soon :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter wishes~

Hoping Easter was a refreshing time of celebration for you all!  The children KNOW what any Holiday morning means—PICTURE time!  And Elizabeth was… well, typical Elizabeth.  She still hasn’t caught on that the sooner you smile ‘pretty’, the sooner the camera leaves :)

Easter 1- Lydia Eliz Easter 2

I thought I’d be super-mom and make their dresses this year.  Don’t ask me how that went—WHAT was I thinking??! They may look fine here, but any seamstress would be gasping! P4040002

Easter 3- Elisha Jacob

Ready, Set, CHARGE!!Easter 4Easter 5

“If I ‘pose’ for one picture, maybe she’ll let me find my eggs!”Easter 6      And many thanks to cousin Sonya for dog entertainment—yes, we will have to get Jacob his own little creature some day.  I’m not sure how much more his duck can take :)Easter 7