Saturday, April 3, 2010


Happy Easter to you all!  Our weeks have been filled with AMAZING weather and —you guessed it—ducks!  And LOTS of black-belt testing preparation- 2 weeks to go!!!ducks 10 These little guys have become a part of the little one’s daily routines~ducks 11ducks and lydiaducks 7duck 8Even found time to relax on the backhoe with Elisha :)ducks 9Did you know that ducks can grow right before your eyes?  They’ll be ready for your pond VERY SOON MOM!!!  Hee Hee!!! :)ducks     Wishing many Easter Blessings to you~

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Lauri said...

Mom's pond was made for those little cuties!! I can't believe she's not alllll over that! LOL Tell PapPap he has something in his ear....

Love ya