Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An old post office~

If you have visited all of the ‘usual’ attractions in Washington, D.C., and you’re looking for something just a bit different- check out The Old Post Office Pavilion~

Walking down the street, it towers above like an old cathedral.

Old Post Office 12

Old Post Office 11

Inside, it’s bright, airy, and BIG-  full of skylights, food eateries, shops and entertainment.  Did I mention Ben and Jerry’s?  I believe I saw an advertisement for $3/3 scoops during the hours of 4pm-6pm nightly.  Pretty awesome deal for B & J- just in case you needed to know :)Old Post Office 9

Old Post Office 10

If waiting in line for the Washington Monument’s view of the city doesn’t excite you, you can ride 315 feet to the top of the Pavilion Clock Tower for 360 degree views of the city~ take a jacket if it’s windy!Old Post Office 8Old Post Office 7

Breathtaking!Old Post Office 6Old Post Office 4Old Post Office 3

Just in case my sweet husband is reading… see those really neat roof-top gardens….  those would be SWELL on our deck—right?!?  Minus any little duckletts that happen to still be waddling around, of course :)Old Post Office 2Old Post Office 1          Some many adventures, so little time  (and money) !!!

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