Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Legos and Trains

Just a tiny Christmas review in pictures~

It's been an adventurous few days for little ones--- and big ones too :)

I'm not TOO sure who did more work here, but nonetheless, Elisha's new backhoe/steam-roller thingy was finally created. And just 2 days after starting.... (you didn't have anything better to do anyway, did you PapPap???)
It's been days filled with family fun-- and playing with trains--- this display was created by my Dad during his fight with cancer---
I think it was one of Jacob's favorite 'events' of the day.
And what Christmas would be complete without making a big mess in Grandma's kitchen?? Play dough is ALWAYS good for that!
I hope this finds you in good health, and relaxing family days-- may you complete the year on a positive, loving note! Happy New coming Year to you and yours!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

need an easy project?

If you need to occupy the little ones, and they haven't yet had their fill of sugar for the Holiday Season, try your hand at these white chocolate covered snowman pretzels.
Just roll pretzel rods in some white chocolate-- add some mini chocolate chips for eyes and buttons--
Embellish with scarves made out of cut-up fruit roll ups~ Add hats made of gumdrops and gummy rings~ enjoy!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to you All!!

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!! Enjoy every moment and don't sweat the little stuff!! It's the memories that count--- embrace each minute!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

just for my Texas crew :)

Hey Texas guys-- I have a confession to make~ (for any other readers, sorry to bore you)

Last year when your gifts arrived, we allowed the little ones to open them early. So, kids being kids--- they remembered- typical! And Dad being Dad, said, "OK-- that's fine!"

I figured since this impatient bunch (you know I couldn't possibly include myself in that statement!- LOL!) couldn't wait just a few more days, the least we could do is share their evening with you :)

And before I forget-- Lauri, your cookies are as yummy as I remember! THANK YOU!! Another confession-- I didn't share too many. My tight jeans thank you even more :) I'm telling you-- there HAS to be a secret ingredient!

Jacob's race car was a huge hit~ and provided for lots of non-bickering time with big brother as they raced together-- another plus for mom!

The gyrosphere thingy-- was great! For many reasons--- you should have seen the men trying to first put it together-- hee hehe-- at one point it flew across the kitchen-- who knew gyrospheres could fly??? :)
Now that Elisha has it figured out-- he can work it 'AWESOMELY!' He can even balance it on his nose-- picture to come later! As for the girls--- you KNOW these are hits!!! Except that Elizabeth has misplaced her dolls somewhere in her rat's nest upstairs-- you can imagine her face all day-- oh well, they'll turn up soon! :) OK-- we do NEED the inside scoop here--- but I'm figuring these are for that super-talented (or REALLY dumb) squirrel that Mark still thinks he can catch performing gymnastics simply by dangling an ear of corn from the tree. Am I right?? And the tea and chocolate--- That I may or may not share-- THANK YOU!!! Since this is a blog with just a few readers, I figured I'd attempt to make you a part of our distance Christmas with you :) We miss you, love you, and wish you a very very warm, sunny Christmas!! I must go walk off some cookies now...

snow days~

The children were as excited as kids on Christmas morning when they awoke to the snow yesterday morning...
it was time to go sled-riding!
And--- in 'Elizabeth-style', she was quite proud to dump her PapPap right off her sled :)
My little snow angels didn't last very long in the cold... the first time... ...until the second-time around when they found friends with REAL hills :)
and even dogs!
and LOTS of fresh cookies and hot cocoa!
Thanks Doug and Teddy!!

Note from Mom:
Dear Mr. Winter,
You've had your fun, the children had their fun, and it will be the first white Christmas in quite awhile--- now, I don't mean to offend you, but you may kindly go away until next December :)
a tropical sun-worshipper :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Buckie the DEER

The children had a fun weekend-- they didn't get to play with a puppy, but a deer that acted just like one-- meet Buckie the deer!
Short version of a long story: he lives on some acerage of a friend of a friends--- and was basically raised like a puppy~
Did you ever see a deer that played with children? The green t-shirt is an attempt to keep him safe from hunting season...
Wish I had the video available to show the this amazing deer-- never seen anything like it! He should be on America's Funniest Video's!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

what's new?

Not a whole lot~
we do have a pretty new porch ceiling~
And an attempt at stone work~
Ask Mark HOW MUCH he LIKES stone work~
Then ask him WHY they will remain in this pile until someone ELSE attaches them to the house....
More pictures will have to wait for spring~