Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Legos and Trains

Just a tiny Christmas review in pictures~

It's been an adventurous few days for little ones--- and big ones too :)

I'm not TOO sure who did more work here, but nonetheless, Elisha's new backhoe/steam-roller thingy was finally created. And just 2 days after starting.... (you didn't have anything better to do anyway, did you PapPap???)
It's been days filled with family fun-- and playing with trains--- this display was created by my Dad during his fight with cancer---
I think it was one of Jacob's favorite 'events' of the day.
And what Christmas would be complete without making a big mess in Grandma's kitchen?? Play dough is ALWAYS good for that!
I hope this finds you in good health, and relaxing family days-- may you complete the year on a positive, loving note! Happy New coming Year to you and yours!

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