Sunday, December 20, 2009

just for my Texas crew :)

Hey Texas guys-- I have a confession to make~ (for any other readers, sorry to bore you)

Last year when your gifts arrived, we allowed the little ones to open them early. So, kids being kids--- they remembered- typical! And Dad being Dad, said, "OK-- that's fine!"

I figured since this impatient bunch (you know I couldn't possibly include myself in that statement!- LOL!) couldn't wait just a few more days, the least we could do is share their evening with you :)

And before I forget-- Lauri, your cookies are as yummy as I remember! THANK YOU!! Another confession-- I didn't share too many. My tight jeans thank you even more :) I'm telling you-- there HAS to be a secret ingredient!

Jacob's race car was a huge hit~ and provided for lots of non-bickering time with big brother as they raced together-- another plus for mom!

The gyrosphere thingy-- was great! For many reasons--- you should have seen the men trying to first put it together-- hee hehe-- at one point it flew across the kitchen-- who knew gyrospheres could fly??? :)
Now that Elisha has it figured out-- he can work it 'AWESOMELY!' He can even balance it on his nose-- picture to come later! As for the girls--- you KNOW these are hits!!! Except that Elizabeth has misplaced her dolls somewhere in her rat's nest upstairs-- you can imagine her face all day-- oh well, they'll turn up soon! :) OK-- we do NEED the inside scoop here--- but I'm figuring these are for that super-talented (or REALLY dumb) squirrel that Mark still thinks he can catch performing gymnastics simply by dangling an ear of corn from the tree. Am I right?? And the tea and chocolate--- That I may or may not share-- THANK YOU!!! Since this is a blog with just a few readers, I figured I'd attempt to make you a part of our distance Christmas with you :) We miss you, love you, and wish you a very very warm, sunny Christmas!! I must go walk off some cookies now...

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