Tuesday, May 29, 2007

OK, OK Mark wins:)

Debate updates:
The results of the great Japanese Maple Tree are in: Mark wins! The tree is definitely alive and I will now say definitely thriving.
As far as the Praying Mantis: That stinkin' thing has traveled the country and STILL chooses to stay inside his pod or whatever you want to call it~ DUDLEY Monty!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

How about a vacation after the vacation???

PHEW!!! What a week!!! After an amazing time of relaxation (if you could call it that:) fun, and time with the family, we are all safely home~ and after trying to get back to some sort of routine I'm left wondering with thoughts that there really should be a vacation after the vacation just to wind down.
PapPap, Mark, and Elisha did make a few extra stops on the way home~ as did Gma, Tony and the girls~ leaving me with a semi-quiet house for a day (Mom got to fly home with a sleeping baby on her lap---ahhh... the quiet). The ride home with the boys did include a stop to pick up PapPap's new toy as show below. I'm pretty thrilled with his choice because I know I'll be reaping in the benefits :) I'm pretty thankful right now that my dad forced me to learn how to drive a standard!
Now, the REAL question here is who's toy will this end up being???? I had to get my stake by purchasing the extra key's key-chain~ a big colorful Mickey Mouse! I figured that the guys wouldn't want to carry around a mouse for a key-chain, thus leaving a set of keys for me :)
Elisha had another adventure for the week with the guys~ and finally............
it was time to wind down!

I'm sure there will be many more fun times ahead this summer-- PapPap's toy was totally decked out for racing, complete with tires and all of the stuff that I have NO idea what it's for, but it's sure a fun little thing to drive~~ I'm going to have to put the mind to work to come up with excuses of why I HAVE to take it out :) A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Disney Picts are Here!

Finally-- Disney Photo's can be viewed at www.jujus-place.spaces.live.com! I tried to pick just some of them so I didn't bore you all- but I don't think that worked too well:)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Magical Ending

Day 6: Magic Kingdom!!!
Today was a very appropriate visit to the 'Magic' Kingdom, as it was truly a magical ending to our vacation! The girls were in their glory, visiting Cinderella's Castle, and all of the fun places in fantasy land~ I will admit that visiting the characters in the Toon Town Building was not a favorite of mine-at first. We were told that Cinderella was one of the princesses that was visiting with guests, so off we went. Elizabeth just HAD to meet Cinderella!!! We waited in line for 50 minutes. What seemed like hundreds of crying children who needed naps, a line that barely moved, Elizabeth mad because she wanted me to hold her--- yeah, you get the picture- not my favorite 50 minute wait~ but then, rounding the corner, there she was in all her glory--- Cinderella! Elizabeth immediately forgot all her woes, and all was perfect with the world- she got to hug Cinderella! The wait was worth just seeing the look in her eyes!
On to another surprise of the day- we were all chosen to march in the Family Day Parade behind Pluto. We were the 'tambourine' group, even Jacob got his own and marched to the beat~ what a special afternoon! The look in the children's eyes is one that will not soon be forgotten~
The evening was topped off in Disney Style with their wishes fireworks spectacular- and that it was! It's Disney- need I say more?!?
Very, very special thanks to our Disney guides of the Day!!!!! WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!!! The magic wouldn't have been there without you guys!!!!!
The week was an incredible week and special thanks to Mom and Grandpa Tony~ you made many unforgettable memories and words can't express our thanks!! Hey mom-- I could really use a sandwich right about now!! Ha Ha!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Disney- Day 5 Highlights

Sorry for not posting each day-- getting too exhausted at night :) Day 5: Completed MGM and went to Medieval Times! Even though Lydia does not like 'scary' rides- she loves thrill! Mission to Mars- the intense mission that is- is one of her favorites. You really feel like you are blasting off into space- Mark says I was a terrible 'pilot'- I tended to forget to push the buttons we were supposed to and the narrator had to use the "warning- mechanical override" quite frequently. Hey- I was just concerned with breathing and keeping my cool on that one- forget pushing buttons! And Mom's favorite ride-- yeah, Aeorosmith's Roller Coaster. LOVE that coaster- not a huge fan of the music, but the coaster is great- wish it was longer! We just HAD to see the Beauty and the Beast stage production and shhhhh- don't tell, but I saw Mark's eyes a little watery when the Beast was slain--shhhhhhhhh! Elizabeth was in her glory, and it even captivated Elisha. The Little Mermaid show was recommended to us. So, reluctantly we went and WOW!- I should have known that Disney would put it's own touch on it- ended up being another favoite. Jacob's pick: Back Lot Stage Tour~ after being flooded in the canyon and his eyes as big as can be- his words were "do it again!" He also liked the great movie ride- especially when the mobsters take over the ride. "Mommy- those bad guys!" And what visit to Orlando isn't complete without a Medieval Times trip? Please note- you DON'T have to arrive 1 1/2 hours early- as instructed. That is a wonderful marketing strategy to make you so famished you will fork out the $13 for a margarita! We were transformed into Lords and Lady's, complete with jousting, fighting, and the chivalry of the times. The show was loved by all and Elizabeth got to watch her 'Black Beauty' up close. And~ our knight in shining armor- he was pretty cute too~ won the tournament~~ go red and yellow!! Have to go............sooo much to do...........................

Sunday, May 20, 2007


This being my 4th visit to the Disney Parks, I'm still in AWE! Words can't express or describe the 'magical' feeling here! I'm thinking this should be a 'required' visit for every adult at least once every year, just to get that child-like magic back! We could all use a little more of that 'wonder' in us! Now there are some things I would do differently, or not again ;) ...
Take for instance the highlight of Day 3: waking early to head to the Royal Feast at the Castle-attended by each of the princesses- except of course Cinderella who has to tend to her WAY more important duties. Now mind you this breakfast is not served in Cinderella's castle- for surely according to the cost of that, your hot delicacies MUST be served to you personally by 20 servants and the food MUST be placed on china made of gold! Anyway, add 100 or so little princess girls (plus their poor little brothers who had to be drug along), plus a very small castle dining area, buffet style yet, with all of these princesses walking the room with screaming little girls and camera flashes everywhere- and you get the point. A bit chaotic for me. Don't get me wrong, the girls had a blast~ but I'm not thinking that will happen again:) Then after all of that, Elizabeth WANTS to see Cinderella :) and Lydia was a bit upset because she thought the princesses would actually sit with her and eat at the table. Day 3 was great though! The countries of Epcot were unbelievable as always and even a little rain couldn't dampen the evening. Never though we would be sipping hot chocolate and coffee ($5 each yet :) because we were so cold! Thankfully the downpour only lasted about an hour and on with the laser show.
Very Brief Day 4 highlights- I'm getting REALLY sleepy! Lights, Cameras, Action!! MGM!! All of the shows were as fun as I remembered- and their new Car Stunt Show was a hit with all of the children. The children loved the snow blowing outside of Narnia, one of their favorite movies. We did leave the park for the afternoon to meet and swim at a new family/friends home. The children had a blast in the pool- I asked Elisha later in the evening what his favorite time so far was- his answer: swimming! (He's ready for more Coasters- we may have to try out Aerosmith on him tomorrow) We had a really fun time visiting and hope to do it again sometime! Then- back to the park for Fantasmic-- what a show! The children had their eyes glued to the stage every minute and I can't believe the minds that can come up with those special effects!
I wish I could share picts with you- soon I hope! As far as the children slowing down a little-- NEVER, NOT for a SECOND!!!!!! Carrie- you're right- espresso! Now- if I could only find it for less than $10 :) Everyone says wait to go to Disney until the babies are old enough to appreciate it- but little Jacob seems to be having the most fun of all. I say take them when they are babies, and then again when they are older- or every year- after winning the LOTTO of course- that you probably don't play:)

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Surely there must be a way to tap into the little ones' energy supply! Come on-- I know I'm excited, but to bed every night at midnight and still up at the crack of dawn, going on day 3-- oy! Too bad we couldn't just 'insert' some batteries as adults to keep up with them. Maybe they'll sleep for a week when we get back???

Friday, May 18, 2007

Disney~ Day 1 and Day 2

Greetings everyone! I have a TON of pictures to show, but have an EXTREMELY SLOW connection here, not allowing them to download. (OK- a little lack of patience on my part as well :) I'll have to put them into an album for you at a later date. For now- just a brief summary of our days thus far~ 'pre-Day' 1: Headed to Downtown Disney- I could have spent hours shopping, but was a good little girl and didn't even go into the stores- not even Ghiradelli Chocolate! That's saying something! However- Mark can't say the same for the evening. We had talked about not even taking the children into all of the stores and maybe allowing them each one SMALL thing for the week, or per park (thanks for the tip Carrie!), BUT..... before our eyes, as if out of NOWHERE, it appeared!!! LEGO LAND! I told Mark to be strong, but back he came bearing great gifts of joy. Technically these gifts don't count because Downtown Disney isn't truly a Disney park- right?? Needless to say, the 'boys' were up until midnight in the hotel room putting together a jumbo jet, and the girls doing the same with a princess castle. On to............ Day 2: Animal Kingdom! It's the year of dreams at Disney and the for the first ride the kids rode~ the Primeval Whirl, a dinosaur ride, we were chosen as the family of the hour. Got to ride twice in a row and not have to wait in line at all- cool! Little Lydia ended up being too short to ride, so she was awarded a voucher for free ice-cream and 2 free ultimate fast passes to come back and ride the ride when she's tall enough. That means we have to return next year to use them:) The 'dreams' continued for the little ones as Lydia and Elisha were chosen to dance in the phenomenal Lion King Musical. They had a blast- just when I thought my eyes had dried up............ We have determined that little Elizabeth, as daring as she can be, does not like loud, fast, dark, scary rollercoasters- the Dino Blast was definitely NOT on her favorite list! She informed us she will not be returning to it. Lydia was right behind her on that~ she can blast all day on the Mission to Mars~ the advanced flight yet~ but no more dinosaur rides! And so we have........... Day 3: Epcot! Now- this is Mommy's favorite park, which is why we have to spend 2 days there :) We headed straight for Mission to Mars- a hit with all who were tall enough to ride, then onto the Test Track- another favorite of Elisha and Lydia. We closed the park with Illuminations- WOW- just like I remember from the high school band day trips to Disney! It's so neat to watch the children's eyes fill with wonder- not just our own children, but all there- and for a few moments all in the world is peaceful, still, and full of joy, hope, and DREAMS!! Onto the countries tomorrow and breakfast with the princesses~ oh boy! Elizabeth was a bit upset that she didn't get to see a parade today, and she was a little mad that she didn't get to see the REAL Mickey Mouse! The one in the Animal Kingdom Parade didn't shake her hand, and 'that's not right' she says~ There's always tomorrow little one~ PS-- Can't download the picture as proof, but did I mention that DUDLEY Monty has a spot in our hotel room--- UGHHHHHHH! We thought maybe the more 'tropical' climate might help him- sure!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Who's the Biggest Kid??

And the question of the day?? Just who IS the biggest kid here? Who cries with excitement just seeing the glittering stars on the movie screen showing aboard the Magic Express whisking you from the airport to your resort?? Not me-- no siree!!
These are the 2 little ones riding in style on the airplane. What did we do without laptops?
Sidenote: have you ever seen so many dead bugs? It's unbelievable how nasty all of the cars look here!
No Disney trip is complete without a visit to our favorite 'atmosphere' restaurant! Jacob went nuts!
We don't jump on the beds in this family!
Phew- I'm pooped! (Just wait until tomorrow!)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wedding Pictures!

Hi all! Wedding pictures are here and a 'sampling' of the album can be viewed at www.jujus-place.spaces.live.com. Have a great day!
Next pictures will be DISNEY picts!! :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mom's Day, Pretty Flowers, & Sleepy Jacob

Happy Mom's Day to you mothers! It's a miracle- the children slept in until 8:30 this morning- that VERY rarely happens and I was soooo excited! Usually it's a 6am start from one or all of them.
I had planned on doing some 'desk work' all afternoon, but the beautiful day just called to me. It said "plant some pretty flowers- go ahead- it's ok, even though there is a possible frost advisory tonight." So, I just had to heed its voice and obey. Even got our garden plants, which I will put in tomorrow- why, I have NO idea because the garden NEVER amounts to anything, but every year I try again. My 'outdoor' living room:
The kids had a blast outside all day and 'painted' on the driveway with soap. Jacob had so much fun he couldn't stay awake at dinner.

His 'normal' self Going once....Going twice...

Let's try this again...Nah......
Gone! Now- to keep the Disney excitement factor contained for just a few more days....................

Friday, May 11, 2007

Yummy medicine

I took Elizabeth to the Doctor's office at the beginning of the week with a suspected ear infection. Sure enough- she had one and was put on antibiotics- just in time to finish up with a follow-up visit before Disney- phew! I just have to think there is something wrong when she begs for medicine all day because it tastes so yummy! When we were little (here we go with the 'I remember when....' -must be getting a bit 'old' :) - nah- just wise~ Ha!) didn't you have to hide medicine in ANYTHING just to get it to go down because it was so awful?? Just wondering.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Child Rearing Book

For all of my 'Mom' friends, I just finished a really neat book by Lisa Whelchel (Blair from the Facts of Life show) called 'Creative Correction'. It's FULL of really neat ideas for helping to fix all of those little things that we as mothers sometimes feel like we are 'barking' at all day. ~Maybe that doesn't happen to you, but I can feel like I'm going crazy by bed time occasionally~ pick up your toys, put that paper in the garbage, push your chair in, who forgot to turn the light off (you too Mark- ha ha!) why are your shirts on the floor...................... Anyway- just thought I'd recommend it to you if are having issues with 'sibling rivalry' or any discipline problems. It's along the lines of To Train Up a Child by Debbie and Michael Pearl, only has many more fun examples, games, and ideas. Ahhhh-- who am I kidding- my children are really perfect little angels, HA HA!!!!! Children- what an adventure! :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Delightful Day

It was the most 'delightful' day! Warm, sunny, and not a cloud in the sky! That's saying a lot for here! We were able to enjoy it by having a picnic and laying in the sun~ they didn't last very long on their towels. That was a bit too still for the little ones~ they have to have adventure you know! :)

Saturday, May 5, 2007

It's over!!!

Finally-- a sigh of relief (or exhaustion)-- the yard sale has been completed, and phew! We made out pretty well- all things considered. Mr. Weatherman was just slightly incorrect, as we have been watching the weather all week with BRIGHT sunshines and a BEAUTFUL weekend predicted. That's why we busted our butts all week to have it today, because sunny Saturday's can be rare- guess what?? Yep-- it rained most of the morning. But still, and quite thankfully, the people came. Just made for a pretty bad hair day. :) The children had a blast drawing with sidewalk chalk, and were quite content to eat in the garage during rain showers. Just feed my kids and they'll be happy- YES, I really do feed them during the day- usually- ha ha!! Too bad the garage wasn't big enough to put all of the junk --oops- other people's treasures I mean, in.
After yard-saling and very quick baths, onto the piano recital. It was a proud mommy moment to listen to Elisha and Lydia perform their pieces. They did well, and Jacob and Elizabeth were very excited as shown in the picture. Ha Ha! Time to relax. Have a great weekend-- it's supposed to be a beautiful, bright, sunny day tomorrow :)

Friday, May 4, 2007

Week-end's update

Been a super-busy week! We're getting ready for a huge estate/yard sale this weekend, and still aren't completely finished. Updates for the following are:
Dudley Monty: OK-- in the poor praying mantis's defense, it does look as though the sack is drying out a bit and maybe starting to crack a little??? What do you all think? It does look as though he's going to have to travel to Florida with us. WHO travels to her mother's wedding AND on a Florida vacation with a pet praying mantis that hasn't even hatched??? The things we do for our children:)
The Japanese Maple Tree: Mark is quite thrilled to prove that the tree is not dead as shown in the photo...... A-hem....While there is a leaf on the tree, it still isn't a "thrivingly" alive tree.
Home-school: At this point, why even bother??? The concept of 'how many more days, minutes, and seconds until Disney' has been thoroughly explained over and over (and over..... and over..... and ...you get the point) until all aspects and possible examples given in hopes of even a little glimmer of understanding have been totally exhausted, and there really is no use or point in trying anymore :) Thank goodness their year-end work and testing was already completed!! Phew! There will be no super- brain children prep this week :)
Basement boxes: While the boxes are still EVERYWHERE and still a bit stressing, by this time tomorrow, we should be in much better shape. And simple, organized Jen should be breathing a bit easier :)
Tomorrow is the children's piano recital- immediately following the yard sale- brilliant planning on my part - :O
Have a great week-end!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ben and Jerry

Had to do the 'first of the month' shopping today and needed to go to Walmart. Walmart definitely is not on my favorite places to shop list, and NOT something I look forward to, but unfortunately, just can't beat the prices for our large family. While not complaining, I have come to the conclusion that it's really just its own separate planet, complete with Alien's (legal and illegal) here in the Earth's backyard. You just never know what (or who~~~ :0 ) you'll find there~
I did find a yummy new product I had to tell all of you ice-cream lovers about ~ Ben and Jerry's Cinnamon Buns Ice Cream-- YUM YUM!! Not that I've already devoured the container or anything :) too bad no-one in the house even knows of this flavor :) .........too bad it didn't leave a cinnamon bun on each side of your backside:) I know- moderation, right???