Friday, May 18, 2007

Disney~ Day 1 and Day 2

Greetings everyone! I have a TON of pictures to show, but have an EXTREMELY SLOW connection here, not allowing them to download. (OK- a little lack of patience on my part as well :) I'll have to put them into an album for you at a later date. For now- just a brief summary of our days thus far~ 'pre-Day' 1: Headed to Downtown Disney- I could have spent hours shopping, but was a good little girl and didn't even go into the stores- not even Ghiradelli Chocolate! That's saying something! However- Mark can't say the same for the evening. We had talked about not even taking the children into all of the stores and maybe allowing them each one SMALL thing for the week, or per park (thanks for the tip Carrie!), BUT..... before our eyes, as if out of NOWHERE, it appeared!!! LEGO LAND! I told Mark to be strong, but back he came bearing great gifts of joy. Technically these gifts don't count because Downtown Disney isn't truly a Disney park- right?? Needless to say, the 'boys' were up until midnight in the hotel room putting together a jumbo jet, and the girls doing the same with a princess castle. On to............ Day 2: Animal Kingdom! It's the year of dreams at Disney and the for the first ride the kids rode~ the Primeval Whirl, a dinosaur ride, we were chosen as the family of the hour. Got to ride twice in a row and not have to wait in line at all- cool! Little Lydia ended up being too short to ride, so she was awarded a voucher for free ice-cream and 2 free ultimate fast passes to come back and ride the ride when she's tall enough. That means we have to return next year to use them:) The 'dreams' continued for the little ones as Lydia and Elisha were chosen to dance in the phenomenal Lion King Musical. They had a blast- just when I thought my eyes had dried up............ We have determined that little Elizabeth, as daring as she can be, does not like loud, fast, dark, scary rollercoasters- the Dino Blast was definitely NOT on her favorite list! She informed us she will not be returning to it. Lydia was right behind her on that~ she can blast all day on the Mission to Mars~ the advanced flight yet~ but no more dinosaur rides! And so we have........... Day 3: Epcot! Now- this is Mommy's favorite park, which is why we have to spend 2 days there :) We headed straight for Mission to Mars- a hit with all who were tall enough to ride, then onto the Test Track- another favorite of Elisha and Lydia. We closed the park with Illuminations- WOW- just like I remember from the high school band day trips to Disney! It's so neat to watch the children's eyes fill with wonder- not just our own children, but all there- and for a few moments all in the world is peaceful, still, and full of joy, hope, and DREAMS!! Onto the countries tomorrow and breakfast with the princesses~ oh boy! Elizabeth was a bit upset that she didn't get to see a parade today, and she was a little mad that she didn't get to see the REAL Mickey Mouse! The one in the Animal Kingdom Parade didn't shake her hand, and 'that's not right' she says~ There's always tomorrow little one~ PS-- Can't download the picture as proof, but did I mention that DUDLEY Monty has a spot in our hotel room--- UGHHHHHHH! We thought maybe the more 'tropical' climate might help him- sure!

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Carrie said...

One gift per park works well---and Downtown Disney counts as a park so you're ok ;)

The Lego store was closed when we were there and all the creations were destroyed from a hurricane so you guys are VERY lucky. I actually thought we were the only people who went to Disney and bought Lego's---that was Isaac's favorite souvenir! Can't wait to see what you guys got.

Glad to hear that you guys are having a good time!!

Weather is very cool here but we're going canoeing and hiking anyway.