Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mom's Day, Pretty Flowers, & Sleepy Jacob

Happy Mom's Day to you mothers! It's a miracle- the children slept in until 8:30 this morning- that VERY rarely happens and I was soooo excited! Usually it's a 6am start from one or all of them.
I had planned on doing some 'desk work' all afternoon, but the beautiful day just called to me. It said "plant some pretty flowers- go ahead- it's ok, even though there is a possible frost advisory tonight." So, I just had to heed its voice and obey. Even got our garden plants, which I will put in tomorrow- why, I have NO idea because the garden NEVER amounts to anything, but every year I try again. My 'outdoor' living room:
The kids had a blast outside all day and 'painted' on the driveway with soap. Jacob had so much fun he couldn't stay awake at dinner.

His 'normal' self Going once....Going twice...

Let's try this again...Nah......
Gone! Now- to keep the Disney excitement factor contained for just a few more days....................

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Carrie said...

I see you didn't get a single picture of yourself on M-day either. I have several of everyone else but it's because I'm the one behind the camera.
We had a great day even though I cooked breakfast for 9 people!

We ate YUMMY Chinese food for lunch and great Italian for dinner. None of it made by me--Thank you China Star and Bravo! :)

Have fun on your trip!