Thursday, May 24, 2007

Disney- Day 5 Highlights

Sorry for not posting each day-- getting too exhausted at night :) Day 5: Completed MGM and went to Medieval Times! Even though Lydia does not like 'scary' rides- she loves thrill! Mission to Mars- the intense mission that is- is one of her favorites. You really feel like you are blasting off into space- Mark says I was a terrible 'pilot'- I tended to forget to push the buttons we were supposed to and the narrator had to use the "warning- mechanical override" quite frequently. Hey- I was just concerned with breathing and keeping my cool on that one- forget pushing buttons! And Mom's favorite ride-- yeah, Aeorosmith's Roller Coaster. LOVE that coaster- not a huge fan of the music, but the coaster is great- wish it was longer! We just HAD to see the Beauty and the Beast stage production and shhhhh- don't tell, but I saw Mark's eyes a little watery when the Beast was slain--shhhhhhhhh! Elizabeth was in her glory, and it even captivated Elisha. The Little Mermaid show was recommended to us. So, reluctantly we went and WOW!- I should have known that Disney would put it's own touch on it- ended up being another favoite. Jacob's pick: Back Lot Stage Tour~ after being flooded in the canyon and his eyes as big as can be- his words were "do it again!" He also liked the great movie ride- especially when the mobsters take over the ride. "Mommy- those bad guys!" And what visit to Orlando isn't complete without a Medieval Times trip? Please note- you DON'T have to arrive 1 1/2 hours early- as instructed. That is a wonderful marketing strategy to make you so famished you will fork out the $13 for a margarita! We were transformed into Lords and Lady's, complete with jousting, fighting, and the chivalry of the times. The show was loved by all and Elizabeth got to watch her 'Black Beauty' up close. And~ our knight in shining armor- he was pretty cute too~ won the tournament~~ go red and yellow!! Have to go............sooo much to do...........................

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