Friday, May 4, 2007

Week-end's update

Been a super-busy week! We're getting ready for a huge estate/yard sale this weekend, and still aren't completely finished. Updates for the following are:
Dudley Monty: OK-- in the poor praying mantis's defense, it does look as though the sack is drying out a bit and maybe starting to crack a little??? What do you all think? It does look as though he's going to have to travel to Florida with us. WHO travels to her mother's wedding AND on a Florida vacation with a pet praying mantis that hasn't even hatched??? The things we do for our children:)
The Japanese Maple Tree: Mark is quite thrilled to prove that the tree is not dead as shown in the photo...... A-hem....While there is a leaf on the tree, it still isn't a "thrivingly" alive tree.
Home-school: At this point, why even bother??? The concept of 'how many more days, minutes, and seconds until Disney' has been thoroughly explained over and over (and over..... and over..... and get the point) until all aspects and possible examples given in hopes of even a little glimmer of understanding have been totally exhausted, and there really is no use or point in trying anymore :) Thank goodness their year-end work and testing was already completed!! Phew! There will be no super- brain children prep this week :)
Basement boxes: While the boxes are still EVERYWHERE and still a bit stressing, by this time tomorrow, we should be in much better shape. And simple, organized Jen should be breathing a bit easier :)
Tomorrow is the children's piano recital- immediately following the yard sale- brilliant planning on my part - :O
Have a great week-end!

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