Friday, May 25, 2007

Magical Ending

Day 6: Magic Kingdom!!!
Today was a very appropriate visit to the 'Magic' Kingdom, as it was truly a magical ending to our vacation! The girls were in their glory, visiting Cinderella's Castle, and all of the fun places in fantasy land~ I will admit that visiting the characters in the Toon Town Building was not a favorite of mine-at first. We were told that Cinderella was one of the princesses that was visiting with guests, so off we went. Elizabeth just HAD to meet Cinderella!!! We waited in line for 50 minutes. What seemed like hundreds of crying children who needed naps, a line that barely moved, Elizabeth mad because she wanted me to hold her--- yeah, you get the picture- not my favorite 50 minute wait~ but then, rounding the corner, there she was in all her glory--- Cinderella! Elizabeth immediately forgot all her woes, and all was perfect with the world- she got to hug Cinderella! The wait was worth just seeing the look in her eyes!
On to another surprise of the day- we were all chosen to march in the Family Day Parade behind Pluto. We were the 'tambourine' group, even Jacob got his own and marched to the beat~ what a special afternoon! The look in the children's eyes is one that will not soon be forgotten~
The evening was topped off in Disney Style with their wishes fireworks spectacular- and that it was! It's Disney- need I say more?!?
Very, very special thanks to our Disney guides of the Day!!!!! WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!!! The magic wouldn't have been there without you guys!!!!!
The week was an incredible week and special thanks to Mom and Grandpa Tony~ you made many unforgettable memories and words can't express our thanks!! Hey mom-- I could really use a sandwich right about now!! Ha Ha!!

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