Sunday, May 27, 2007

How about a vacation after the vacation???

PHEW!!! What a week!!! After an amazing time of relaxation (if you could call it that:) fun, and time with the family, we are all safely home~ and after trying to get back to some sort of routine I'm left wondering with thoughts that there really should be a vacation after the vacation just to wind down.
PapPap, Mark, and Elisha did make a few extra stops on the way home~ as did Gma, Tony and the girls~ leaving me with a semi-quiet house for a day (Mom got to fly home with a sleeping baby on her lap---ahhh... the quiet). The ride home with the boys did include a stop to pick up PapPap's new toy as show below. I'm pretty thrilled with his choice because I know I'll be reaping in the benefits :) I'm pretty thankful right now that my dad forced me to learn how to drive a standard!
Now, the REAL question here is who's toy will this end up being???? I had to get my stake by purchasing the extra key's key-chain~ a big colorful Mickey Mouse! I figured that the guys wouldn't want to carry around a mouse for a key-chain, thus leaving a set of keys for me :)
Elisha had another adventure for the week with the guys~ and finally............
it was time to wind down!

I'm sure there will be many more fun times ahead this summer-- PapPap's toy was totally decked out for racing, complete with tires and all of the stuff that I have NO idea what it's for, but it's sure a fun little thing to drive~~ I'm going to have to put the mind to work to come up with excuses of why I HAVE to take it out :) A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!!

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