Thursday, April 15, 2010

Botanical Gardens~

Just a few picts from the beautiful United States Botanical Gardens~Botanical Gardens 20

Think we need a colorful creature like this in our back yard.  The ducks are just a bit too bland these days :)Botanical Gardens 13

Botancial Gardens 11

Every woman NEEDS one of these in her backyard- her very own cocoa plant :)Botanical Gardens 2Botanical Garden 16Botanical Gardens 3

I must have my gardener sculpt me one of these- as long as the gardener’s name ISN’T MARK!   Love you :)  Many of you can only imagine what the poor soul of the plant would end up looking like…Botanical Gardens 4Botanical Gardens 8Botanical Gardens 10Botanical Gardens 14Botanical Gardens 19Botanical Gardens 18Happy warm spring to you!          


Anonymous said...
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Lauri said...

I want the purple stuff!! Bring me those purple flowers!