Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter wishes~

Hoping Easter was a refreshing time of celebration for you all!  The children KNOW what any Holiday morning means—PICTURE time!  And Elizabeth was… well, typical Elizabeth.  She still hasn’t caught on that the sooner you smile ‘pretty’, the sooner the camera leaves :)

Easter 1- Lydia Eliz Easter 2

I thought I’d be super-mom and make their dresses this year.  Don’t ask me how that went—WHAT was I thinking??! They may look fine here, but any seamstress would be gasping! P4040002

Easter 3- Elisha Jacob

Ready, Set, CHARGE!!Easter 4Easter 5

“If I ‘pose’ for one picture, maybe she’ll let me find my eggs!”Easter 6      And many thanks to cousin Sonya for dog entertainment—yes, we will have to get Jacob his own little creature some day.  I’m not sure how much more his duck can take :)Easter 7


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