Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our blog hiatus is now over~

It’s clear we live in a rat-race society and for whatever reason, we seem to have chosen that lifestyle in our home- for now anyway.  Routine and normalcy seems to be a fleeting thought these days.  I haven’t posted anything because it seems to be the same old thing around here- house, house, house.  Which for you guys, probably translates to boring, boring, boring.  I even contemplated a final post stating ‘this blog has been fun but is now done’.   After finding a few moments (FINALLY) to reflect, I realized that while it seems like the same old thing, progress really has been made~  and for our few faithful family-members and friends, you might still like to be updated.  And so then, here we are, back again Smile

During our brief intermission of the Hollywood lifestyle (oh the things your friends can get you into~ and OH how I wish I could tell you all about the big movie filming in this small town, but because I signed my life away, can’t~) here’s what has been going on~ 

The blessings of another full year of life~


And housework~  so much progress!!!

PA280133I’ll post many more pictures of the house later, but for now this one is THE proof.  My actions have been justified!  For all of you who think I’m just a neat-freak and a compulsive cleaner because I have to dust each and every day, and for all of you who think duct-cleaning companies are a scam--- THIS is what could be circulating in your house—this is the unedited, untouched, exactly as-is gunk inside our duct work.  I’d say that after today’s furnace move and clean air-returns, we can declare a great victory to perpetual runny-morning noses!PA280128

On to the men’s ‘day-cave’--- Isn’t it AMAZING that this has been finished for less then 2 weeks, and there is no room for a vehicle???PA280134

Now that I’ve enticed you with the thrilling suspense of coming back to see what else has been going on around here, I’m going to leave ya hanging~  you can hardly wait, right?! Smile

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Lauri said...

NOOOOOOOOOOO - don't leave me hanging! That's not right!!!! I wanna see more pics of the progress - so that I'll know something is happening when you say you're too busy to come down! (I know - purely selfish reasons - lol) No really - i wanna see what it all looks like! Since I haven't been able to get there, you have to show me! ok - I'll wait.......still waiting.....dang it - I have to go to a football game - or is it a volleyball game?...see ya! haha

(this, by the way, is the extent of my life for the last 3 months) - I've caught you up on EVERYTHING I've been doing....

Love ya! Can't wait to see more posts!