Sunday, March 14, 2010


Most of my readers know that I was hoping to accompany Mark on a trip to London over the weekend.  And most of you know that didn’t work out.  It turned out to be a weekend spent waiting for flights and hoping, but not knowing, when a return to home-sweet-home would be.  Other than missing my family terribly, I didn’t mind though.  (As long as I found reasonable gate agents- is that really too much to ask??  Some of you really need to consider a career change!)  

Why?  Travel is just in my blood.  Somehow, someday, I have to figure out the means to either profit monetarily from it, or the means to pay for more of it.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated~  resort critic… food critic… hotel critic…………..  :)

I just read this article on one of the travel blogs I follow (, that couldn’t describe me any better-  It’s the exact same thoughts I have almost all of the time, and never put into words.  Thank you for making me realize I’m not alone, while most people think I’m crazy :) 

Here’s ME:

Look out London-- (or Paris or Rome or Madrid….) next year, you’re mine!


Carrie said...

Umm Jen I think I have a problem! Do you think we should form some sort of support group that meets on a beach in Florida one weekend every month to work through our addiction? LOL!!!

I wish I had the money to support my travel dreams!

JuJu's Place said...