Saturday, March 17, 2007

KISS and Stainless Steel

Attended a homeschool conference today and it got me thinking-- do I really need 23 ways and different 'this is the best curriculum' to teach my children to add 1 + 1? Or maybe could I just hold up their finger and add another finger to it to make 2?
Will my children and family ever look like a prim and proper family, each dressed to the 'tee' and harmoniously playing beautiful music together as a witness to all- HA! Give my children the mud hole and let them at it! Have I failed- No---
Anyway- you get the point-- my 'deep thought' or 'thoughts' for the week are: drum roll please: "There really isn't a 'One Size Fits All' way to raise your children", "There is no one right way to teach your children- what works for others may not for you", "There are many different paths that lead to the same place- some just wind around the bends a bit more," "You can't compare your children to others- some like beautiful music, some like mud" and
"KISS! Keep it simple, stupid!" ~Remember what's really important in life~ family, old friends, new friends, and a good cup of coffee -or chai tea:)
Now that you've seen my 'simple' way of thinking today- let's relate that to stainless steel appliances:
You CAN NOT 'simply' cleen stainless steel with a damp towel! Not that anyone in the house would try that! Not that any 'responsible' adult would have the 'nerve' to do that- ha, ha! (Remember that Mom was at a homeschool conference all day- and PapPap was out playing with the guys!- who could that leave??) Now, why, you ask, was the refridgerator all wet anyway????? Thank goodness for the children who CAN"T wait to tell you that someone (again -a mature, responsible, adult) had all the little ones line up so he could spray them with the kitchen sink sprayer. Hmmmmm.... I wonder where all of the spots on the wall and cabinets came from??? Give those little ones a big KISS tonight!


Carrie said...

I think if you compared your children to mine and me to you --you'd have a lot to be proud of.

My boy #1 can't match his outfits EVER and the stars would fall from the sky if you ever saw him out of track pants--though he is NOT sporty in the least--unless you count marathon book reading as a sport. The boy #2 ...well if he doesn't have a skate boarder or a soccer ball on his t-shirt he doesn't like it.

As for the playing beautiful music part, would you believe what boy #2 picked for his recital piece---STAR WARS!! And they somehow only practice for piano lessons the day before and still pull it off like they we're "good little children." LOL No Sound Of Music family over here either!!

As for me, you and that cleaning thing--LOL!!! Your house is gorgeous and clean and full of life--enjoy it!!!

And I think your children are going to turn out to be well-educated, independent thinkers no matter who's system you follow or not!

I love the way you think!!!!

Carrie said...

Sorry my comment was so long. I'm watching Matt pack----FINALLY!!!