Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sunday Outing and a new favorite store!!

We were heading to visit a church this morning, but poor Mark had to double after a midnight-- so, off Elisha and I went for a day outing! Up at the crack of dawn and out to breakfast- the Golden Corral sure puts on a yummy Sunday buffet-- stick to your ribs, heart-attack in a bowl- creamy hash, old-country gravy, eggs-- I could go all night. To make up for the unhealthy foods, we had to head in to the East End CO-OP-- :). The next stop-- my new FAVORITE STORE!!! TRADER JOES!!! They have the deals of a lifetime--it was like shopping at the Whole Foods store for 1/2 price - a whole cart of food for $50-- that would have been $150 at Whole Foods!!! What neat little goodies- Elisha says we need to keep it our little secret- he loved the overhead bridges and incline model in the corner. They even gave me a bouquet of flowers (pictured above) for my first-time shopping trip there-- if I would have been a good little blogger, I would have had my digital camera with me to take a picture of the nice cashier who gave them to me~ now if I had a camera phone that problem would be solved~ oh, the ideas that just come to me- ha, ha!!!
After all of our wonderful savings, next stop the Disney Store, and what a controlled mother I was! Only spent $18-- just about came out with 2 bathing suits, 2 princess nightgowns, flip-flops, and the matching princess sandals and dresses-the girls need to get ready for their Disney vacation (73 days away), right?? I was very proud of myself- Mark and I talked of making a rule that we shouldn't allow the little ones in any gift-shops at Disney World- maybe I shouldn't allow myself in them :)!
OK~ we had to totally ruin all savings from Trader Joes by stopping at Cold Stone Creamery- really-- their ice cream is NOT $7.53 worth for two little cones. It's good, but not that good! Soooo glad we saved some money earlier in the morning:)
Ahhhh-- and for the rest of the night--- bribing PapPap for a dinner out- will he cave in???? I'll let ya know tomorrow. Right now I'm being accused of blogging instead of feeding the poor, hungry children- ok, just a little true:) Maybe the more BRILLIANT:) ideas I have for the possible house- addition blueprints he's working on, the better chance I'll have~ off to working my magic! Have a great Sunday evening!! The only thing that could be better here, would be to have Daddy at home tonight- see ya tomorrow morning Daddy!

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Carrie said...

Yeah for making a blog so I can post comments!!!

And HOW AWESOME IS TRADER JOE'S?!?!?!? I knew you'd love it! I'm sort of hurt that you didn't ask us to accompany you on your first trip ;) LOL! Next time tell me and the boys and I and we will TOTALLY go with you!!!!

As for that Sunday buffet--I've never hear of it and breakfast is my favorite meal. You and I will have to sneak out to that one since breakfast is the meal that Josh most often can't eat out--dairy and eggs in everything--but I can!!!

The shopping at Disney rule is ONE item in each park ---that's it. Not one item a day or one item in each section --ONE ITEM (under $25 was our limit) A PARK (no matter how many days we visited it) --with four of them you may have to lower the limit a little. I'll email you the rest of my tips.

Call us about a playdate---we're going crazy "waiting for Audrey" stuff.