Tuesday, March 27, 2007

just what DOES a praying mantis eat?

As we are awaiting the arrival of our praying mantis eggs- the 'brilliant' idea came that- hey, you have to feed those things something. (How's that for planning ahead?) And- what would that be? Turns out they eat aphids, small flies and spiders. OK- and where do we get all of those? We now have an order from a supply company to receive 'flight-free' fruit flies- they should arrive in a day or two- apparently you have to feed the egg sack before it hatches. I have no idea what we'll feed this thing when it hatches- maybe we should get a fish?? Maybe we can feed it ladybugs- we are in no short supply there, and it's better than Jacob eating them! I have a feeling this little pet could get quite expensive if we have to keep buying bugs to feed it--- stay tuned! PS-- sure enough-- I made it rain- all windows are nicely spotted. Oh well- they were great-looking for a day :)! Hey Lauri-- tell my Mom she needs to have a picture on her page!!!! You can relate- isn't it nice that you have your own picture now??- encourage her!!!

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