Monday, March 26, 2007

Pet Praying Mantis

After wanting a pet for quite some time, Elisha has been trying to keep 'pet' ladybugs found throughout the house in a box with cut grass. Didn't work too well (although somehow everywhere I look upstairs there is a ladybug- maybe they mysteriously multiplied in that box)~ and being very allergic to cats, not ready for a dog yet, not too fond of hamsters and such, and the 'ooh and ahh' of a fish not lasting long enough to waste the water for the bowl, Mark came up with a pet Praying Mantis idea. He saw a kit at the Science Center, so ordered it from where else--- EBay. The kids have been anticipating the arrival for days now- and it finally came. We ordered the eggs and they should arrive in a few days. If it all works out, the kids will be able to watch their own mantis hatch from the start- pretty neat school project- I'll keep ya posted. Guess it's a step up from an ant farm?? :)

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