Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wild Hog Ride and Robbers

Ok-- have to stay on the bike topic for at least one more blog:) PapPap put his first 80 miles on the bike today- after polishing it up (gets pretty dirty real quick ya know!), he's down in the garage oohhhing and ahhhing (a hem.......technically learning and 'studying' all of the new features)-- we're wondering if he'll sleep down there tonight-LOL! We're really happy for him! On a funny note: I allowed the children to watch a movie this afternoon, and upon entering the living room, found it to be a HUGE mess-- cushions everywhere, toys everywhere, and the quite large stool up on it's side, etc, etc! I gathered the eldest three in a line and asked who was responsible-- of course no one would fess up and after quite some time, Elizabeth says: "Mommy, it had to be robbers- that's why I don't like those robbers!" And there you have it. Needless to say, no one was in trouble :) Have a great weekend all!

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