Thursday, March 22, 2007


As I was out enjoying the warmer weather- (it's frizzy hair season- the only downfall of spring....oh, and late night spring storms- not my favorite!), I was pondering why I had been a bit perturbed most of the day- and it finally came to me.
Last night, I stumbled upon the action of an old 'acquaintance', and while proclaiming that what I found didn't bother me, and joking about what I could do to 'stir' things up, I realized today that deep down it really did bother me. What I saw was just plain wrong (in MY eyes), and while it didn't really affect me directly, it was hurtful to my family.
The ways to 'stir' things up (I've been told I can be a bit feisty at times~and boy did I have some good ideas!) and the judgements I had made (I truly don't know the acquaintance's heart, just what my eyes saw) were actually poisoning my day. After facing what my wrong thoughts had done to my day, and honestly letting them go- the 'freedom' was undescribable! It is SOOO good to know that ONLY the good Lord can truly know a person's heart, and if you take care of what You, Yourself, should be doing and thinking, it really doesn't matter what others do, or do to you. Freedom in spirit is awesome!

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