Monday, September 22, 2008

Eewww-- cheese anyone?

I'm known as a dairy junkie- I love my ice-cream for sure, but in recent years have tried to cut back tremendously. After much reading about the 'super-food' of our childhood, and learning this main staple of our American diet isn't so great, this article only reinforces the faults of the milky wonder. Check it out:


Chuck said...

Are you trying to go vegetarian? Just curious.

JuJu's Place said...

No- I'd like to say I could, but don't think that would ever really be practical for me/us. I'm going to cheat at some point -my last meal would be a rib dinner from our local rib restaurant :). That said, red meat consumption is pretty much once in a VERY blue moon -and usually from my step-dads family-raised beef (yum!), and if we're out, I try to steer to kids toward chicken. Just don't think red meat is all that good for you. I do think a vegetarian lifestyle can be much healthier, if done 'correctly.' And I do believe in a raw food lifestyle, but haven't yet been able to achieve that totally. I think everyone has to find what's right for them and their lifestyle. For me, in simple terms-- eat your raw greens and veggies and feel OH SO much healthier! Did that answer your question? :)