Saturday, April 25, 2009

roof part one

Did ya ever wonder that maybe you just were meant to be somewhere else? It goes something like this-- if you have a perfect, beautiful weekend to finally work, you end up in a ball on the living room floor with a bowl to throw-up in. If it's not snowing, the monsoon rains come. If it's not raining, it's the windiest weekend on record. You get someone lined up to do work for you and they have to cancel because their mom is sick... need I go on?

Surely things can't be as difficult to get done as they seem, right? I'm not complaining here, just letting anyone who cares into a little glimpse of our remodeling events.

We're not even building a 'new' home- but I can now understand why they say new construction can be one of the most stressful in someone's life. Our saga continues...

This is a roof--- not just any roof, but our ugly roof. Our ugly roof that's just slightly over the legal limit for asbestos. If you know anything about that, you know that it can be quite difficult, not to mention extremely costly to get rid of. After 2 years of trying to find someone with accountability, who would also tackle the removal job legally and with a reasonable price, off it came!

Extra special thanks to Norris Environmental Inc. for a SUPER JOB! FINALLY a company with character and accountability!

Doesn't that look much better on the ground? Elisha just whittling away as he watched -- until he got 'shoo-ed' out due to safety issues :) And here we have a clean roof. With a pretty blue tarp. Kind of matches the Lowes paper, doesn't it? I still think Lowes should pay us some kind of advertising commision. Yes-- the weather is beautiful. And VERY windy. Tarps aren't quite made for wind-- need I say more?

But never fear-- new shingles will be pounded on next week. No sweat. That's if we get the shingles that were supposed to be here yesterday. They do say they are ready for pick-up and the roofers will do just that on their way here-- but I think we've all learned to believe it when we see it :) Had to throw this one in--- What's Elizabeth been doing? Making PapPap really happy with a colorful driveway-- he just LOVES sidewalk chalk :)
Oh-- and what were today's adventures? More demo with dormers coming off. And falling into windows. Mark said it was either him or the window-- so he chose the window. Good choice.
And yet more construction-- some day it will all be finished-- right?? :) I'm thankful for my hard working men around here! I couldn't have it any better! What is this up in the trees? The deck off of the upstairs bedroom. And Mark's back-side :)

OK-- just one more picture for anyone following our twitter updates-- when I say I'm soaking in the sun by my red-neck yacht-club-- 'mud hole'--- I'm being quite literal! :)

Until the new roof appears... enjoy that GORGEOUS weather!

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Lauri said...

Love the chalk art work - sorry PapPap - just can't squash the creativity of an artist!! So glad you finally found someone who can do that work without having to take out another mortgage!! Be sure to let me see the "after" picture!! Love ya!