Sunday, July 19, 2009


Summer-time fun continues.
The only reason Jacob wants to grow up is so 'he can ride the wittle quad' like his brother.
All too soon, his wish is granted.

Even if Daddy set it so he could only go a few mph-- little steps are huge in a tiny guy's eyes :)

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Lauri said...

All right Mr. Jacob - stop that growing stuff right now!! You are WAYYYYY to big and I haven't seen you in a really long time, so just cut it out, that's so not fair that I haven't seen you in such a long time and even with free flights there's no guarantee that I could get there without my head exploding from the waiting and the wondering, so enough now - just please stop doing that so I can see ya just that size and maybe you can take me for a ride on the wittle qwad when I get there, cause you're not gonna grow anymore till I see you, right - ok I feel better now....thanks for helping me out by not growing anymore, really appreciate it....


so - how are ya Jen?

Love ya