Tuesday, September 29, 2009


First things first-- could someone PLEASE tell them this is TOO high!?! And yes-- we STILL LOVE Lowe's-- can't ya tell? Seriously contemplating a Lowe's plaque on the finished front shutter :)
Next matter of business-- they tell me things are coming along. "We'll have a yard soon-- REALLY honey-- we are making GREAT progress." ALL I seem to see is MORE dirt! And apparently one 'back-hoe digger thing' is now no longer enough. I guess it was sad and lonely because now we have 2 of these contraptions sitting around. Meet big-brother 'back-hoe digger thingamajig #2'. Isn't it great?? As that saying goes-- boys and their toys.... This one was worth it because it conquered THE STUMP. Mark was quite proud as you can tell :) If you should happen to need my husband this week-- you can find him playing working really hard in the backyard :)


Carrie said...

I just need a tiny bit of dirt moved at my house. LOL!

Lauri said...

I have 2 (possibly 3) trees that need to be taken out - can you drive those things down here and get to work, please? Free room and board for as long as it takes!!!