Sunday, July 18, 2010

Feel the ~LOVE~

I came across an encouraging article in our local Pittsburgh magazine- a breath of fresh air in today’s world, for sure!  Secret Agent L has been anonymously stalking unknowing people with little deeds and acts of love around town, and her acts are spreading~  After receiving an anonymous little basket on my porch one day a few years ago, I firsthand know just how much a simple, little token can brighten your day.  (Thank you, whoever you are!!!)  If you’re curious about very creative ways to show someone they’re important, check out ~Secret Agent L~.  And please, if by some little chance you are offended with today’s current beer post, please skip it and move on to the other posts- there are FAR too many WONDERFUL ideas to get caught up on a little 6 pack of alcohol! :) 

Feel the love….  and pay it forward…

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