Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We're back. Aren't you glad?? :)

This summer seems to be a bit cooler than normal, and it made for perfect baseball weather. The weekend event: Skyblast 2008.

I have to admit- PNC park is probably one of the most beautiful in the country. Not that I've been to any other ballparks, but surely not too many have a view like this :) Mama's girl~ If I smile really nice now, will you STOP taking pictures?? OK-- enough of this game-- WHEN do the fireworks start? I think just about everyone knows you don't go to a Pirate's Game to watch the Pirates- sorry fans. Maybe next year will be their year- they're surely due. And onto the game according to Elizabeth. and what was important to Elizabeth? Taking out a small loan for dippin dots~ and peanuts~ and can't forget the cotton candy- she and Jacob were JUST STARVED! Even though they just left a restaurant 20 minutes prior.

Finally-- the evening's feature. Country star Phil Vassar- thank you makkid23 and chrisf4i for your youtube posts.

I was hoping to contribute my own beautiful pictures of the fireworks, but as I've stated before, not even Photography for Dummies can help me. Couldn't even get the firework setting on my camera to work well- plus I think the battery was almost dead. So until next year- here's an abstract work-of-art. Remember me when I'm famous :)

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Chuck said...

Seriously, if you want real disappointment, you should be a Cubbies fan... :)

And don't get too frustrated with the fireworks photos! From what little I know of photography, it's hard to get a good shot of such a transient subject without a tripod due to the shutter speeds involved. You definitely got a decent aperture setting!

Isn't some super cold ice cream worth a small loan once in a while? :)