Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thank you homeschool and airlines!

What happens when hurricane rains are in your forecast for the day? Fly southeast young man! The best benefit of homeschooling: the flexibility to travel when there are no crowds. The best benefit of working for the airlines: the ability to do that traveling- uh, that is when you can look past the stress of standby :)

The day started with a beautiful plane-side sunrise on our day-trip to Washington, D.C.
Reagan National Airport is one of my favorite- bright and cheery.

The Metro makes the entire city very accesible-

and provides a great lesson on traveling among rush-hour crowds.The children wanted to remove the 'knobs' and slide down the middle of the escalators.

A leisure walk across the Arlington Memorial Bridge-

and onto the Lincoln Memorial.

Time to watch some ducks in the reflecting pool- and sadly the VERY polluted waters. Time for a lesson on honor and repect for those who fought so hard~ a special place in my heart~ And time for a lesson on play- Elizabeth decided she's an Olympic Star- after seeing just 5 minutes of gymnastics one evening.
The children decided it was quite fun to chase the ducks- before the park ranger warned them they'd chase them back. After a LONG walk, it's always refreshing to stop and smell the roses... or whatever those flowers are that I dream my flowers will look like one day. And so you have our day in pictures- sadly, we spent so much time exploring our final destination- the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, I don't have any photos- that's probably a good thing...


Carrie said...

OK now I want the printed itinerary so that we can retrace your steps. ;) It looks like you guys had it all figured out perfectly.

Chuck said...

That looks so not crowded compared to our visit in March '07! Love the pic of the reflection of your kids and the sun at the wall.