Tuesday, December 9, 2008

play day in pictures

PapPap celebrated another birthday-- and what does that mean? Play Day! It's become a tradition to celebrate by heading into the city for fun. Pittsburgh's Strip District has plenty of that. Our newest discovery and JuJu's new favorite treat comes from~ The Pittsburgh Popcorn Co. Normally, I'm not a popcorn person- don't get me wrong, I like it (ok- LOVE it when a certain someone in TX makes it), but can live without it. Until I discovered this~ Reese's PB Chocolate Popcorn-- OH MY! We're talking better than Harry and David's Moose Munch!!
On to Pennsylvania Mac Co. for PapPap's favorite treats~
And time to go a little further into town. Pittsburgh is full of beautiful buildings, but...
while it may not be the prettiest on the outside, the Clark Building is any woman's dream :) Why, you ask?? Because of the 3rd and 4th floors-- one word sums it up-- BLING! We just didn't realize today's trip would allow us quite so much time to look around...Hour #1 at the best jewelers in Pittsburgh: Hour #2: Hour #3: Hour #4: And I kid you not-- Hour #5! Not just any jeweler would spend 5 hours sorting through old family jewelry to see what was of any value. Even after all that, Elisha claims he'd still rather sit in a jewelry store than go clothes shopping any day.Now, I could add some more with pictures from a great new natural food store in the Strip-- Right by Nature, and yummy dinner pictures from Belle Notte, but I don't want to bore you too much. Oh-- and let's not forget Cafe Raymond-- the BEST breakfast sandwiches and quiches EVER! But, this smile is what it's all about~ Happy Birthday! PS-- were the 5 hours at the jewelers beneficial? :)! No, we are not to be concerned with wordly, material possessions, but a little sparkle is always fun :)

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Carrie said...

I'm with ya at the health food store, shopping for olives and cheese, even the popcorn shop even though I'm not a huge fan, of course I'm with ya for Bella Notte but seriously I HAVE to drawn the line at 5 hrs in a jewelry store. *ugh* That would be murderous for me even if I was getting a gorgeous piece out of it. I feel for your children, I hope they were given lots of sweets for their GREAT behavior they acted more mature then I would have.

:) Hope "you" had a great day. LOL!