Sunday, March 29, 2009

DON'T miss this consignment sale!

Spring is here!. We'll ignore today's snow flurries-- but yes, it's that time of year-- spring clean-up!! This is my weekend project, and I think the hardest thing to keep straight when you have multiple children~

Clothes, clothes, and more clothes!

We've been blessed by family and friends to keep us with a high-quality, overabundant supply, and we thank you, thank you, thank you all! Keep them coming! It's been such a relief to have many of their clothing needs provided by you guys!

What the children have outgrown and don't use will be put to good use. After handing down many bags to other family members, the surplus will be sold to raise money for the Tri-State Christian Academy on April 24/25. If you have children and live near us, don't miss this sale. TCA is looking for consignors as well. For more information~ check out:

TCA Butterfly Blessings Consignment Sale.

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Lauri said...

Where is this TCA? That's really great that they can benefit from what you can't use anymore....I have lots more realy for ya - you just need to come down and get it - like I told Markie - lots of sun - no waiting!!