Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hubby Strikes Again

Not sure just what it is with Mark and plants, but a green thumb he is not. He has every good intention-- but oh, those poor living creatures.... His latest victim:
We planted a row of these lovely grasses, and heard that you should/could burn off the dead stems in the spring. That's great, and it worked great. Except that Mark decided he needed to pour gasoline on them to accelerate the flames. Here's a scientific lesson for all... gasoline and plants don't mix. That's why this poor little thing only has but a few stems. They are the one's that escaped his fury. Hubby's claim: "hey- there's still green and that means it's still alive!" AGHHHH!!!!! I really do love you.....

Now, onto our remodel saga----
The roof is coming along just fine. We are water-proof and that's a good thing. But, the back of the house is still wrapped with pretty blue tarps-- and the front almost done. The joke around here is: "only we can have a little roof that should take one day to take off, and one day to put on, and here we are almost 2 weeks later.... with rain forecasted every day this week yet again" :)
But-- progress is progress!! :)


Lauri said...

Markie, Markie, Markie - I can't believe you didn't share that gasoline was a great fertilizer for grasses and such - it couldn't possibly be that you poured gas on those poor, unsuspecting plants to burn off the dead must be that as the gas seeps into the ground, it provides much needed nutrients to those lovely little (smaller than before) guys and encourages them to multiply and reach for the sun!! I'm absolutely sure that this was your intention all along, cause burning up live plants would just be wrong and that's definitely not the Markie I know...Thanks for the info!! hee hee

Love ya

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