Wednesday, May 20, 2009

lessons learned from ocean lifestyle

There's just something peaceful about the waves of the ocean. Definitely something I could get quite used to!

Along with the peaceful atmosphere, comes many little lessons:

1. The sun can and will burn little one's skin right through T-shirts! And make Mommy feel REALLY bad!

2. Sting Rays can hurt you.
3. Clams are slimy, ugly, and quite stinky! They really should not be allowed in living headquarters. (ahem Mark) 4. Kilwin's is just as evil as mini-Reese's Peanut Butter Easter Eggs.
5. It is possible to fall asleep while quenching your thirst.
6. Vacationing with 4 little ones is as adventurous as swimming with the sharks. (Haven't done it, but I'd imagine that would be quite adventurous.)
7. One really should pay heed to signs that say 'We advise choosing a cup for your ice cream as the birds tend to take cones from your hands.' 8. I'll not mention any names, but it REALLY ISN'T cool to wear those socks with those ocean rubbers! 9. You don't have to leave the continental U.S. to find crystal clear blue, green, turquoise water! WOW!
10. Most importantly, time spent with family and friends just can't be beat!! Thank you all!!

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