Monday, June 29, 2009

14 Years

Yikes! Time really does fly! On our Hawaiian Honeymoon 14 years ago, we vowed to go back on our 5th Anniversary. That came... and went. So did our 10th... and 11th... 12th.... and 13th. This was a year to get away for a few days. Hawaii will have to wait some more. But, taking full advantage of our supposedly horrendous economy, (you would NOT believe it for a second if you saw the airports!) along with some help from, we found our piece of heaven!
While VERY thankful for airline benefits, but coming with the hassle of taking 4 flights to get to Phoenix, we finally arrived at the Intercontinental Montelucia at the base of the CamelBack mountains. What did we do? RELAX! (and eat) I do believe the good Lord's peacefulness should reside in your homes, as well as inside of you, but we've honestly never experienced a more peaceful place-- and the Joya Spa is incredible! If you're looking for a getaway-- it's worth every penny!
As for the basic rooms--- here's the bathroom. Not too shabby, ladies!
If only the rest of the trip home was as peaceful--- all those planes and no room for us. Good for the airline, bad for us. Thankfully there is another airline called Southwest :) PHEW! Although, being stuck for another day wouldn't have been all that bad... Just a few days to unwind and reflect is a benefit to anyone. Thanks to the family that helped watch little feet!
Time passes so quickly, and I'm so thankful to have a loving, patient husband like Mark~ here's to the next 14!

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