Tuesday, June 30, 2009

wining and dining

Just a few more photos-- every getaway involves a bit of a food splurge, right?!? We didn't do all that bad-- except for this meal. Vegetarians beware!
Mark decided on some steak and eggs-- he didn't figure on 4 eggs and a steak quite so big~
Needless to say he didn't move too quickly that evening :)
Since our favorite meal is breakfast, we decided on an Anniversary breakfast instead of dinner. We chose the breakfast tasting menu at Ko'sin at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass. It was a 2 hour event consisting of 5 courses of the chief's specialties.
Also included-- lots of yummy drinks!
Melt-in-your-mouth pancakes with sugar cane~
Homemade granola, salmon tacos, and infused oil. Don't really know with what- but when you put it on the taco-- OH MY!!
Homemade yogurt, muselix, and kiwi-strawberry smoothie~
More drink~
And very full bellies!

We were joined with crazy birds that love sugar. I kid you not- they opened the glass sugar containers, threw out the packets they didn't want, and then indulged on what they did. Quite entertaining~
Seriously-- does anyone know how to become a resort or food critic? :)

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