Thursday, August 6, 2009

This old house...

is still being perfected. Thought ya might like an update of the progress. Let's start with Mr. Oak Tree-- (aka- the tree where the super-smart squirrels live-er, lived.)
We tried to save it, but it's not looking so swell-- and may have to dearly depart this beautiful back yard.

Yes- this beautiful yard... Still digging. And digging. Elisha is quite proficient in his skills. If only he were this enthused about spelling...

What's that fence looking thing back there? Lots of porch ceiling boards. Lots.
It's been quite a production around here. Why isn't Mom around? She's busy keeping everyone in line and getting them where they need to go--- yes- karate, karate, karate :)
Side porch coming along--
Slowly but surely.... just think-- we could see snow in 3 months.... here's to finished pictures by then :)


Lauri said...

looking good!!! Hope it's done by October - I'll sit on the new deck with ya and a hot cup of coffee even if there's snow!!

Chuck said...

Yes, looking good! I honestly wish I could be there to help. I need the education! :)