Monday, October 5, 2009

just a little panic

This is the look--
the oh.... SHUCKS look! Cause that neat little back-hoe thingamajig that weighs 8,000 pounds is now stuck over the hill-- over the hill that from my window looks as if it drops off into never-never land. Really it did-- the picture doesn't do the panic-factor justice :) Below that little pile of dirt is a LONG way down!
Thankfully 4 hours later, we're back in business~
this is what happens when the weather doesn't work out :)
And this is our new football field~ I'm still thinking we should scratch the whole future addition thing and go for BIG in-ground POOL!!!!! One step closer to that green grass :)


Lauri said...

Yeah - that's an OMGosh look if I ever saw one....I remember that same look when he thought he might be in trouble while I was visiting...I think he was probably about 12 - lol...Can't wait to see the house and the new....errr...landscaping...

Love ya

Carrie said...

I'm thinking POOL!!! ;)