Saturday, February 6, 2010

lessons from a snow storm

storm 1

1. Winter storms are a beautiful sight~

storm 2

2. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of peace and quiet with a fresh new blanket~

storm 6

3.  Not everyone is happy about shoveling the driveway out~

storm 12

4.  Construction projects may be a long way until completion~

storm 11

5.  Electricity is not a thing to be taken for granted~

storm 9

6.  Some days call for multiple cups of hot cocoa~

storm 8

7.  Justification for stashed-away chocolate bars is a plus~

storm 7

8.  Just because your part of the street looks like you’ll be trapped forever, somewhere in the world it is warm enough to swim outside~

storm 5

9.  There is always someone in a worse condition than you~

storm 4 

10.  Be thankful for all things~  especially for the fact that summer will again return one day :)

storm 3

1 comment:

Carrie said...

Almost 12 hours without power taught us all something----why aren't we vacationing in the tropics right now? LOL! Seriously though it did make me appreciate EVERY penny we paid for our woodstove!! And that "good ol' boys" with vintage bulldozers and John Deer tractors are WAY more reliable then the state road crew :)