Monday, February 15, 2010

winter fun~

The realization has set in.  It’s not going away anytime soon.  This backhoe will not be completing our yard in a  LOOONNG time.  But I’m not complaining.  Really. 

snow2 What’s not going away?  Why the snow, of course.  This was before the 2nd storm hit, dumping another 6 inches on top of this.  And this is also before the 3rd storm expected to hit tonight with another 6-8 inches or so. 

Yes—I know I have friends living in the Midwest and these few flakes probably seem like a dusting to you.  To you guys—all I can say is I’m not envious of your storms one bit! :)

Now to my western family.  I should have known that when I laughed that you had more snow before us and it was warmer here than there, that we’d pay later.  Never again will we make fun of your school cancellations over a 1/2 an inch—  they have not had school here in 7 consecutive school days, and probably won’t for another 2 after that.  You can imagine HOW much our little ones LOVE that they are homeschooled and don’t get to take advantage of quite so many days off —at least not now —hee hee :)


Well, I suppose we may as well enjoy it.  Time for an igloo~snow3

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