Thursday, April 28, 2011

Introducing… Cooper


Thanks to a nifty little Learning Express Store, Lydia fell in love.  With a frog.  But not just any frog- instead one that needs nurtured from the beginning frogish cellular level.  Oh goody!  And so arrived the Styrofoam box on my porch yesterday.  If I had been as excited as she was, I would have remembered to take a picture of that first container.  It was pretty cute… as far as stryfoam goes.

Cooper 2

Meet Cooper~

cooper 1

And Cooper’s new home.  Now, this special frog can’t just survive in any water source, but MUST have SPRING bottled water.  But not just any spring water-  bottled spring water that IS NOT distilled.  Have you tried to find that lately?

Cooper 4

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this water will work just fine…

Cooper 5

And so we have it.  Cooper’s new happy little home.  Now for the best part???  He, oops- (Lydia tells me he’s a she!) SHE has to travel 1000 miles to Florida.  Hee hee!  Can you imagine how much Daddy is loved by the Grandparents right now??  Do you remember Monty I AND Monty II, the praying mantis from a few years back?  Smile

Cooper 6

~Welcome home little frog~

Happy travels to Florida—snicker snicker…


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