Thursday, June 7, 2007

Dear Friends and Dearly Departed Monty

What a gorgeous day to relax with great friends and enjoy a picnic! We all had a fun day playing under the shade of the oak tree and feasting on pb & j.
We also had a ceremony of sorts.
Dearly Departed Monty ~the pet that never was~ has left us. It's official: the praying mantis people said if he hasn't hatched yet, he will not. We must now wait until December to try again (but don't worry, that sack will be free of charge). I had to see what was inside the sack- so we had to crack him open-

The inside was just pretty much dried out eggs.

Had to make a makeshift cross from pretzel sticks for his grave.

Mark then burried the pretzel cross, so had to make anther one from sticks.


2007 - 2007


You Will Be Missed! ~thanks Bennet's for just being there for us and for Monty~ ;)

Here are some more picts from our fun day!

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