Wednesday, June 13, 2007

5 kids and the Chocolate Factory- what a week!

We've had quite a week here visiting with our family from the west!! The children had a blast and are quite sad today because their playmate is gone :( (So is Mommy) One of the week's highlights:
The Chocolate Factory!
Mark is blessed to work with one of the family members owning Anderson's Candy in Baden, PA -(the best chocolate around I must say!) and she was so gracious to give us a tour complete with making our own chocolate lollypops and krispie treats- YUM! YUM! Thank you Mary- it was a super-fun tour!!!

Oh man ~I could take a bath in that! Elizabeth could disappear in there- and LOVE every minute :)

It doesn't get any fresher than this! Before:

And After: This look sums it up- 5 kids in a chocolate factory full of goodies in their belly- makes for one WOUND UP afternoon! Second big highlight for the guys (other than rides in the Mustang - including taking an hour to get one pie crust for mom at a store that is 5 minutes away-a little detour eh Mark?):

Catching Fireflies! Took quite a while, but finally they got one~

Boys and their treaures! Thanks for the great week guys! Come back SOON!!

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Carrie said...

I'm tagging you for the 8 things about me post. Check out my blog to do it.

Have a great weekend!