Wednesday, June 20, 2007

When your tent springs a leak...

Build your own Bridge To Terabithia!
The children's tent date and movie night with Daddy had to be moved indoors do to inclement weather. Actually, they were going to brave the weather and go out anyway, but the tent decided it has had enough of staying up all summer, and protested by making things a bit wet -on the inside. Guess it decided to give up against the storm dumping buckets of rain earlier in the night ~seriously - I'm talking the 'I ran from the car to the house and would have been dryer if I had just stepped out of the shower' kind of rain! -and that really happened >:I ! Anyway, the night's feature - Bridge to Terabithia is now the children's new favorite movie. Only Daddy could turn a ruined outdoor tent night into magic by transforming the office into the children's own Terabithia indoor tent.
Daddy made them promise not to look~
And awaiting them was their forest of blanket enchantment.
Complete with old Christmas lights and light sticks!

Daddy to the rescue- he saves the night!

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Carrie said...

I think you have a SUPER DAD in your house!!!!

It's great to see a man care about his kids that much.