Friday, June 22, 2007

It has begun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Elisha!!! He has removed the first brick of a mini- mini- mini- step in our 'possible' remodel/addition project! It brough tears to my ears to finally see some progress being made in that direction yesterday! This is the beginning of 'mini-phase 1' as I've been informed many times by Mark and his Dad -mini being the key word here. They think I'm going to get too excited or ahead of myself or something. I wouldn't do that!!! :) I just happen to know that when they start something they go all out and one thing leads to another .... and another ...... and ....... :) !

If I could just get him this excited over math or piano practice!

Only one day later and there you have it- wall gone! See guys, that wasn't too bad-- now let's move all of that effort to the back of the house - dig, dig, dig! Step by step ......... I'd make a great foreman- I think I'll just go ahead and appoint myself that title :)

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Carrie said...

That is great to see and those boys are fast workers!! I think at that speed you'll have your addition in no time.

Can't wait to watch your whole project.

Keep that fire under them ;)