Sunday, June 24, 2007

Over the Hills We Go To Grandma's House

Having a great 'work' weekend at Grandma's house- if you could call it work. OK- Mark has been working like crazy, and we girls have been... relaxing :) There has been many breaks for 4-wheelers...

And ice-cream... Jacob DOVE, literally, into Tony's bowl-repeatedly. Now that was a funny sight!

Elizabeth snuggled right up with Grandma- we finally saw High School Musical- I was beginning to feel like the only American who had no idea what that was. Another hit with the girls.

Even Jacob and Elizabeth got right into the action- what big helpers!!!

It's a little small for you Mark :)

Even Jacob has to have his own toy~ what's scary is he can drive it already~

There's just something about sleeping children at night- so peaceful!

Mark and I are off to celebrate our Anniversary- 12 years- yikes, time flies!! Grandma and Tony are sending us to a Bed and Breakfast -we're going to leave VERY quickly in case they change their minds. ;)

And... I have word from home that the driveway is pretty much nonexistent, thanks to some heavy machinery- CAN'T wait to see that when we arrive home- I'll definitely be posting those picts!!!

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